She's not really this ikemen, but every time she draws herself, ikemen. So ikemen it is.

Lives in United States of America
Other names Yuu, Jason, Yuusei
Birthday June 15
Favourite Character

America (F yeah!)



OTP world x world
Other accounts

Asian, thick-rimmed glasses, short and stocky.

Enjoys Yuu/you puns quite a bit.


Joined during the 2011 Bloodbath. Yuunosei wasn't sure what she was doing (still doesn't) but she'd always wanted to participate in the spazzing. Honestly, though, Yuu's never really read many of the manga strips or watched the anime. What interests her most is the fandom.

Relations Edit

Tweaksy's asexual life partner

Mistspinner's twin

Role in the fandomlyEdit

She types wayyy too many unrelated comments, and ends up replying to almost all the comments that she can without feeling awkward for the short bursts of time she is actively keeping up with the thread. Yuu reads every single comment for the times that she is actually on; she tried to read every single comment even after coming back from a long break but gave up after several threads.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

LOgIc sTeVe

Pairings she supportsEdit

  • World x world

Other fandomsEdit

  • Sherlock
  • Pokemon
  • Katekyou Hitman Reborn
  • Kyou Kara Maou
  • many others, but probably more dependent on what "other fandoms" entails