commsona drawn by acrossai

Lives in Hong Kong
Other names Comix, websie
Birthday February 24
Favourite Character Romano, Hong Kong
OTP Spamano, UKHK
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Comix is a nerd in many senses of the word. She writes, too.


Comix is a writer who has been writing fanfiction for the Hetalia fandom since July 2010. Though she had followed the 2010 Bloodbath, it was the 2011 Hetaween that finally compelled her to delurk, and it's been a jolly good ride with the fandomly ever since. You can always recognise her trademark "Imagination Rocks" icon, or rambles about Les Miserables.

Formerly an undergraduate student in Toronto, she has since returned to her home city of Hong Kong and is job hunting not-as-ruthlessly-as-she-ought.


Comix is the Macau to Turtle's Hong Kong, although RL heritage would make this the opposite. Together with Pyro, they also make the epic Soy Sauce Trio - Asians who fearlessly douse their food with the juice of the fermented soy bean!

Role in the fandomlyEdit

As a fandomly member, Comix takes the form of a fuzzy, spacey, little grey cat who frequently gets high on catnip and naps beneath armchairs. So if you spot a fluffy tail peeking out from beneath the upholstery, she's just sleeping off another session of slo-mo spazzing.

But recently, there has been a mention of a possible update and overhaul of fandomly relations. Comix suggested that she and Turtle be linked as sisters-of-sorts, due to their "Macau-Hong Kong" relationship, but this remains to be seen.

In regards to her actual performance on the thread, Comix does enjoy chattering with her friends, although sometimes this evolves into one-sided commentary on external things such as Doctor Who/Game of Thrones episodes, her writing, or Les Miserables. Never underestimate the power of Les Miserables.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

Comix managed to miss both Steve Wars by dabbling in this otherworldy phenomena called, "real life." She has since concluded that this was an act of providence.

Pairings she supportsEdit

  • Spamano
  • UKHK
  • GerIta
  • PruCan
  • FraPru

Other fandomsEdit

  • Les Miserables
  • Full Metal Alchemist
  • Les Miserables
  • Doctor Who
  • Les Miserables
  • Game of Thrones
  • Les Miserables
  • Sherlock
  • Les Miserables
  • X-Men
  • have we mentioned Les Miserables?