General Talon


Lives in Sydney, Australia
Other names Talon
Age 21
Birthday 7th December
Favourite Character Can I say all? Well I'm saying that anyway
OTP Worldsome
Other accounts Tumblr account

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"By morning it's a ninja
By day it's an alpaca
And by night it's a troll
What is it?"

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Look at your wikia page, now back at mine, now back at your page, now back to mine. Sadly, it isn't yours, but if you stop to plan out what you write on your pages and wrote like you were in an Old Spice parody, your pages could look like this.

Look down, back up. Where are you? You're looking at the introduction of what your introduction could look like. What's in your hand? Back at me. It's a mouse clicking on a new tab. Look again, the tab is now on the edit page for your own wikia page.

Anything is possible when your wikia page is a parody of Old Spice, and not some old regular page. I'm on a Germany.


Guess I'm not the only one on him


Talon joined the Hetalia fandom back during the development of the second season of the anime. She started watching it after being talked into roleplaying England on a forum just to know how to characterise him, though shortly fell in love with the crackiness of the series.

Since then she's lurked the events that have happened from then. The first time she delurked was during the 2010 event.

She's an Australian with an Australian ancestry for half of her background. The other half of her heritage is Cypriot Greek, making her currently the only Cypriot - and possibly the only semi Greek speaker - in the fandomly.


Just like any other fan, she is capable of being crazy and squeeing over nekkid men like the rest of them. However, she is considered to be one of the more mature members of the fandomly. She is also one of the few oldies still around in the fandom.

She's been told before that her writing style seems professional, and it can make it appear that she knows what she's talking about even when she doesn't. A lot of the time she can be found trying to give advice to other members. She's comprehensive and easy going, and she can seem quite confident in her own opinions and understanding.

When she isn't being serious, she tends to be very cheeky in her responses.



Her children are her extensive list of animals she loves to take care of. There are many different creatures she cares for, such as dogs, cats and a snake. Though it's not unusual for her to be caring for birds or fish. Any animal will do for her, as she considers everything to be adorable. It's her one weakness.

Inanimate/Intangible SpouseEdit

Old Spice Parodies. Also can be called The ship your ship could be like.

During the Bloodbath of 2011, as she kept making Old Spice parody gifs from scenes from the event, she was shipped with those parodies during a talk about shipping Fandomly members. It is a happy relationship that is full of crack and hammy moments.

The Fandomly ArmyEdit

As the General of the Fandomly Army, she feels she must be responsible for all the women (plus one man) in her army. Though it doesn't seem like it through her tough direction, she is quite protective of those in her army.


AU CurseEdit

Chocolate CurseEdit







Poofing CurseEdit

Seme CurseEdit


Her partners in the fandomly are Tina (Marik to her Bakura) or Emma, or both of them in their odd threesome.

Sometimes she visits Louly and they bond over their pervertedness. They tend to disturb the other members in the neighbourhood by being very loud with their kinks.

Her neighbours include everyone who lives in the Broceania section of the fandomly neighbourhood.

Role in the fandomlyEdit

The crazy neighbour down the street who lives with her dogs, cats and snake, and regularly busts into people's homes for free food.

Also enjoys making parody songs, Old Spice parodies and making up translations to what she thinks the nations are saying before they get properly translated.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

"How about you eat lead? *gets gun and shoots* It's high in iron! That's good for your health."

As the General of the Army against those dreaded Steves, it is her responsibility to defeat the Steves and rescue hostages while keeping her soldiers free of harm as much as possible. This General does not take kindly to the endangerment of her women.

She's fond of using big fucking guns, especially her bazooka and machine gun. Anything that causes Steve to explode is a bonus. Although she's not above slowly torturing the Steves to their death - preferably chopping off all their limbs then melting them slowly in acid or burning them in a fire.

Outside of the war efforts, she also does most of the troping for the TVTropes page, came up with the regulations for the Steves to follow during Steve Wars, and is beginning an archive of the past wars. If there's more than one Steve, she's always the other Steve

Roles in the AUsEdit

Avatar the Last AirbenderEdit

She is a fire bender. More info to be added soon.
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Card Captor SakuraEdit

She is The Illusion. More info to be added soon.
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She is the current King of the Hearts kingdom. Her key item is the sword Germania, something that has been passsed down to every King of Hearts. It won't allow anyone else to wield it, however she still likes to keep the sword close. Even in times when she's just digging through the library or drinking tea (both things she'll do often), the sword can be see by her hip. Sometimes it feels like the sword is an extra limb to her.

While she can appear to be the most calmest and serious of the Kings, she is also the most tricky too. If she's not using the might of her army to take someone down, she's sitting there calmly while talking her victims into destroying themselves for her. She does enjoy her pranks well, but with how calm and disinterested she'll appear in it, you wouldn't know she'd be behind anything unless you knew her. Although it's not that she can't be serious at all, in fact she's nearly always working on something, and can be prone to trying to handle all matters of her kingdom by herself. She doesn't like to worry others and thinks it's better not to tell them things she can deal with on her own. Unfortunately she has an unrealistic idea of what she is capable of handling on her own.

The quickest way to see the King of Hearts lose her calm is to endanger anyone in her care. She's fiercely protective, which is why for a seemingly calm monarchy, she's more than happy to become hands on with their military to ensure it's the most powerful of all the kingdoms. It can be a bit surprising how violent and cold she is in the midst of battle, especially when outside of war she's always trying to avoid it.

Outside of all political and military affairs, she spends her time thinking of new things to be created to make life simpler - or more interesting in some cases. She can be caught muttering to herself things that don't make much sense to anyone while in thought. Sometimes trying to follow her train of thought and imagination can be an impossible task, especially when she herself doesn't always know where she's going with something. In her own claim, it's because her mind is working things out faster than she can process it, however it's really just because she's winging it to make it look like she knows what's going on.

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She is in one of the unknown positions. More info to be added soon.
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Her crest is the Crest of Diligence and her partner is Lalamon.

Though the Digital World is a strange place and so much is unknown about it to them, she still wants to appear as if she has everything worked out. Even when it's clear she doesn't know what's going on she'll handle it on her own and brush it off as not being something anyone else should worry about. She can tell there is a lot more going on in this world than what any of them can see, but since they don't know what it is she doesn't want anyone else to get hurt by trying to deal with it.

She's completely distrustful of the Curses, including the ones that claim are trying to help them. For now she's only sticking around them for as long as being around their presence will be beneficial for the rest of the her army. Though she does hope for a way to get away from them soon.

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Info to be added soon.
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Wand wood: Alder
Wand core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: 14 1/2 inches
Flexibility: Very flexible

Patronus: Culpeo

Talon grew up with two muggle parents, only finding out she was a witch once she got her letter for Hogwarts. At the sorting, the hat placed her into Gryffindor, although it had considered the possibility of putting her into Ravenclaw.

She is very fascinated in the magical world,

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My Little PonyEdit

Info to be added soon.
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The mystical Oracle gifted with the sight by the God of Beginning. She was given this gift years ago, during her adolesence. Having lost her parents at a young age, she lived in the streets for most of her life growing up, and typically used the temples or shrines for any source of shelter when she thought she could get away with sneaking into them. Though one night, as she was hiding out from a particularly bad storm in one of the God of Beginning's temples, he appeared to her. He asked for a "favour" from her and in exchange would give her the ability of knowledge beyond her time or knowing. Being desperate and having nothing, she accepted.

After becoming this grand Oracle, she was expected to do her typical work by visiting certain shrines on certain days to give predictions to all that ask for it after being given an offering, not to mention on every other day she had to put up with a certain God appearing whenever he pleased to ask for any information he wanted out of her. It became tiresome, not to mention after the first few offerings for predictions, she honestly didn't need all the ridiculous amounts of stuff people were giving her for them. Almost a year of it and she decided to move away in a secluded forest on a hill side to get some peace. She only ever comes down from her hill for official work every few months, and will only take as many offerings as she can carry with her, usually leaving the rest to the temple of the town she's at. However, she also comes down from her hill for more personal visits, though she's always covered herself with a cloak to never be recognised.

Unfortunately for her, even if her seclusion stops her from being hassled constantly by mortals, it does nothing to keep any God or Goddess appearing in her home at any time they wish. Although she barely sees any other diety, and they'll only ever come to her in times of dire need, it's only the God of Beginning that constantly visits her. Sometimes he's there for actual information for his job, sometimes he's there to tease her about that "favour" she apparently still "owes" him that she'll refuse to do, but most of the time he's just there because... well just because he can be there instead of where ever else he needs to be and according to him she has no "power" to force him to be responsible.

Her home is surrounded by divine protection from the God of Beginning (to ensure his "favourite oracle" doesn't get harmed while he's gone), however she has a horrible habit of leaving that protection to go out getting things she needs or warning villages of horrible disasters she's seen. She's a bit too self-sufficient and independant for a female human of her time. If it weren't that she can already see danger before it comes to her and figure out how to overcome it, it would have gotten her killed long ago. Considering that she has the ability to warn the Gods and Goddesses of any impeding doom, or on a lesser note, kings and queens who may be usurped, some will see her death being necessary for their plans to succeed.

Though she does complain about her abilities and wishes that the accursed God would rid her of his gift so that she won't have to see him so often for "predictions", she does get her fun out of being as cryptic and vague as possible to make it difficult for others to know what she means. Not to mention creeping people out by already knowing their names and personal information about their lives she otherwise shouldn't know. Her current favourite person to creep out with her mystical abilities and confuse with vague predictions, is this young heroine by the name of Mik, which she has foreseen to rise up to great power - at least only if she's given the right push in the direction to succeed the challenges destiny has laid out for her.

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Unlike other trainers, she didn't get a typical starter pokemon as due to a prank from her rival, Richard, she ended up coming late on the day they were to select a starter. So instead she got a trickster of a Pikachu that was chewing wires in the town which she helped the Professor capture as her starter.

She grew up with Tina and Rabbit, and they used to be close friends. For a while they kept close on their pokemon journey, although challenging each other every so often for a bit of competitive fun. However, after an incident, Tina and Talon believed Rabbit to be dead and ended up drifted apart after it. They only got furthur apart as Tina joined the criminal organisation known as Team Alpaca.

Talon doesn't really know who is behind Team Alpaca, but ever since she first got an offer from them to join, she's made it her priority to get in the way of their plans and find out who the mastermind behind it is.

Her original goal was to both beat all the gym leaders to be able to get to the League and obtain enough ribbons from contests. However she eventually stopped trying to become a Master at pokemon and seemed to have disappeared. Though in times of trouble, or whenever Team Alpaca is on the move, a mysterious trainer with an unusually strong Pikachu will appear to help. If someone were to travel to far in the wild, especially among the mountains, it is rumoured that they may run into her. Although usually after meeting her she'll jump off the nearest cliff edge, so most people don't expect to meet her again, except she'll always reappear another time somehow.

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Puella Magi Madoka MagicaEdit

She's a Magical Girl who prefers to work on her own. Due to the consequence of her own wish, she tends to be the target of a lot of danger so she does her best to distance herself from others to keep them safe. So she'll generally be rude and talk harshly to others so that they'll keep away from her. It's hard to tell that she actually cares or worries about the safety of others because of this. Since she can't seem to resist helping where she can, it comes across as odd when she suddenly starts helping someone despite seeming like she dislikes them.

Not that she has any time for friends. Her vigilante duties keeps her busy enough as it is. It was her wish to have extra magical abilities to become a great hero that could help all. So on top of fighting all the Witches that come after her, she also runs off to fight crime in her spare time. Though due to her efforts to stop criminals with unusual abilities, the police seem to have it out for her too, because they worry with her abilities that she could turn and become a danger.

Unlike the other Magical Girls, Talon doesn't use a weapon. It may seem odd at first but considering her magical abilities it makes sense. As her wish was for extra magic to be a hero, the range of her magical abilities is actually larger than most Magical Girls. She also doesn't have a specific theme to her magic that she's aware of. Just most of her abilities are offensive, only as it seems to fit with the idea of being a "hero". Because of how vague asking for heroic abilities is, she doesn't really know what her limit is nor of what abilities she can try to do, so she's considerably under skilled in concerns to her magical abilities.

The best way to describe what she can do is that she can only do what she "understands as being heroic". And part of her understanding of that entails risk and sacrifice. So she can only learn skills if there's any danger that would befall if she were to fail using that ability when it is needed. While this could mean she should be able to learn any magical ability, she doesn't know that's how her powers function, so she usually assumes she can't do most skills. The only abilities she's certain about having is increased strength and agility, and shooting a beam of intense but focused heat. Though every so often she does other things than that, she hasn't figured out how to do those at any time she wants.

Though while she is one of the strongest Magical Girls, thanks to her wish, unfortunately her Soul Gem also turns dark quicker because of how much she uses her magic when fighting compared to other Magical Girls.

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Red, Green, BlueEdit

Info to be added soon.
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She goes by the name of Talon J. Erifeci, an author of many genres. Her super alter ego is Crimson Star, a hero that prefers to work alone.

She wasn't born in Fandopolis, but in the city of Trolopia. Her parents used to be the super heroes of that city, and so she inherited powers of her own to continue their super hero legacy. They've taught her everything she knows about her abilities and how to be a proper hero - including to never kill the villain or stoop to trickery. Unfortunately they were killed by their arch nemesis due to their principles. She lived with her grandparents for the remainder of her teenagehood. By 17 she finally had her revenge on her parents' killer, tricking him into destroying himself by his own weapons. From then on she figured if her opponent was willing to kill and deceive their way into winning, she should do the same if it was necessary.

After granduating from high school she continued into university, meanwhile working on her book in her free time. She had it published before finishing her degree, and completed two more in that time. Though she stalled her career to finish her education, and as soon as she graduated she handed in her last novel she finished working on and went straight to working on her next book.

Months later she got an offer to write a biography for an ex-politician in the city of Fandopolis. She took it and moved over into the city. She's relatively new to the place, but she no sooner took up to becoming a hero in this city as well, despite the amount of heroes already living there.

Though there's a super hero league, she never wanted to join them, even though they've offered. While she can get along with them, she just doesn't agree with their methods of dealing with the villains. In her opinion they're too soft and allow for too many openings that the villains can exploit. Also, she is concerned that having all those powered up heroes gathered in one group will eventually go to their heads. Being a hero is more than just about beating the villains.

Her relations with some of the villains though are odd. As a civilian, she had met Tina and Richard at a political party, when she first was writing a biography for another politician. She and Tina have become close friends, often seeing each other when neither are working. Yet their super alter personnas have a very fierce relationship. Some have speculated that they must have had some past connection, but neither seem to be aware that they're friends as civilians. As for Dominus, she very easily despises him. Especially when he attempts to play with her mind by hinting that he knows more about her than he's letting on or flirting with her. However, when it comes to Richard, she thinks differently of him. Their interactions are filled with teasing, competition and flirting. She gets along with him and usually enjoys her time with him, though she isn't ready to get into any close relationship, due her fear of them getting involved with her life as a hero, so she tries to keep her distance.

While as a hero she can appear quite cold and harsh, refusing to show concern to blackmail or hostages if they're taken. Though she has a soft spot for anyone in trouble, and will usually do what she can to help. Other than stopping bad guys and ending big crimes, she can sometmes be found doing things like getting a cat down a tree or saving a kid from a bully problem. That is, as long as she thinks none of her enemies are around to notice. Even when she's pretending to be a civilian, she can easily be provoked into action.

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Pairings she supportsEdit

"I don't have ships. I have an Armada!"

  • World/World
  • Worldsome
  • All
  • Anyone/Anyone
  • All together too!

Other fandomsEdit

Talon doesn't like to get involved into other fandoms. Keeping up with the Hetalia one is enough to last her an entire lifetime worth of fandoms.

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