This page talks about the many, many Steve Wars the fandomly has had.

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Positions in the Fandomly ArmyEdit


  • Forehead is his weakness. He can be hit anywhere else on the body, but if it's not the forehead, he can't be stopped. But not weaksauce attacks at it, like flicking his forehead. He needs a good stab with a knife, bullet shot, or stupefy to the head.
  • Much like with anons, there's more than one Steve. They just all happen to look alike (unless anyone wants to invoke the Steve!birds and such). We just can't tell them apart otherwise. Also, assume that even when we have only one person playing Steve, it's still a Steve army you're fighting.
  • Cause they're smart aliens with advance tech, the Steves always have a way of communicating to each other even when we can't see them do it. So it justifies why a Steve may know so much about our fandom, even if that Steve wasn't there to find it out.
  • As with possession, he does it with alien tech. So you need to have been kidnapped before you can be first possessed by Steve (and those of you who do decide to be possessed, please try to do this decently, thanks~). The power of Friendship or Love may help to get the person to fight the possession, but there are other ways to break possession. However using the power of friendship or love on the Steves themselves will not damage them.
  • Due to votes, the eating people thing is still on (there were more people okay with it than not). However, can we have the Steves be mindful that some people do get squicked by it, so don't nom on anyone unless you're SURE they're okay with it. The threat of it in general though, is completely fine to be used on anyone.

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