Star fleet insignia by bri nara-d4sjm8v

The Star Fleet Insignia, drawn by Bri Nara.

The Star Fleet is a special fleet in the fangirl army that is made for the people who have either slept through a Steve War, missed it, or otherwise shown up late. It was created during the 6th Battle when several newcomers were able to stay for their first battle.


  • Captain Sinna
  • Bri Nara
  • Colorpen (Kind of - she built a safe room during one war)
  • Xaylu
  • katurtle979 (She did not do a whole lot- She tried to run over Steve with her train in Battle 3 but failed miserably and ran away in the beginning of the war.)
  • fufuyurifan (Participated briefly in Battle 3 before having to go to sleep, however proved her worth in Battle 6 by breaking her nee-chan's mind control along with Sinna.)

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