Lives in Västerås, Sweden
Other names Sot
Age 19
Birthday 23th of May 1995
Favourite Character All of them
OTP AsaKiku, AusHun
Other accounts jessicakallberg on Skype (she uses her hotmail account)


Sot's first exposure to what would later become the Fandomly was on a Hetalia roleplay forum off livejournal, in which she met Talon. She has been in the Fandomly for so long that she doesn't even remember when she first joined, other than that it was before the 2011 Hetalia Christmas event.

Role in the FandomlyEdit

Sot does not post often, usually only to announce her arrival or leave. If she doesn't get distracted and poof, she prefers to just lurk and watch unless she has something to say or, very rarely, liveblog. She is a bit more active on Skype, however.

Role in the AUsEdit


  • Member of the Nordic Mafia together with Lunazy and Nise katten
  • Occasional roleplay partner with Talonicefire
  • Mom to Polka, after telling her on several occasions she should be going to bed. Also the keeper of the doritos used to reward Polka when she's being good.

Hetalia pairings she supportsEdit

  • Hungary/Austria
  • England/Japan

Other fandomsEdit

  • My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
  • The Littlest Petshop 2012
  • Gravity Falls
  • Horrible Histories
  • Yonderland
  • Disney movies
  • Team Fortress 2 (the supplemental material (official webcomic, etc.), not the game in itself)
  • Harry Potter
  • Happy Tree Friends