Lives in Wisconsin, USA
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Age 18
Birthday February 16, 1995
Favourite Character England

EngSey (Hetalia)

Sonamy (Sonic)

Kannao (Persona 4)

Talon/Seme (Comm)

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A Comm member who joined in mid-2013. She's an ISTJ with an Enneagram of 6w5.


In 2012, Sonic decided to watch the first episode of Hetalia on a whim to see if she liked it. About a minute in, she decided it was one of the greatest things she'd ever seen and proceeded to watch about 20 episodes in one sitting.

She joined the Comm in late June 2013 after finding the Fandomly TV Tropes page. She's stuck around since and can't imagine life without the Comm.


Kirby: Adoptive mother (via mutual love of Professor Layton)

Fufu: Adoptive mother (via mutual love of Professor Layton)

Miss Captcha : Adoptive sister (via adoption by Kirby and Fufu)



  • EngSey (OTP)
  • RomaBel
  • AmeBela
  • LietBela
  • FranceXJeanne
  • SpaBel
  • PruLiech
  • AusHun
  • PruHun
  • ItaLiech
  • Turkraine
  • IceLiech
  • SeaWy
  • SebMona
  • EngBel
  • AmeViet
  • CanUkr
  • NiWan
  • RusLiech
  • ChuLiech

Other FandomsEdit

Sonic has a tendency to look up anything she finds interesting and get completely hooked on it. How hooked on it she is depends on how recently she has been "involved" in some way/shape/form with the series.

Sonic the Hedgehog and Persona (particularly Persona 4) are her 2 main fandoms, but she also loves Haikyuu!!, Free!, The World Ends With You, Detective Conan/Magic Kaito, Professor Layton, Kingdom Hearts, Vocaloid, Doctor Who... And more. Many more.

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Oh goodness. Her most beloved of series (well, besides Hetalia) that also gave her her username. Don't get her started on the topic unless you have time to kill and don't mind rambling. She's technically been a fan since 2004, but truly became the fangirl she is nowadays in 2008. While her knowledge isn't perfect, she can probably tell you more about the series than you would ever care to actually know.