Lives in Alberta, Canada.
Other names Snake
Age 16.
Birthday 11/15.
Favourite Character Germany. Manada. Sweden. England. 'Nuff said.
OTP Nothing x Nada
Other accounts None that we know of....yet.

"Hi, I'm that lunatic Canadian who loves firearms and Alberta a little too much for her own good. But you can call me Snake."

"You're the nicest fucking cabbages I've ever met."


Near the middle of July 2012, Snake was derping about TVtropes looking for something interesting to read about when she happened upon a page for that Hetalia thing her friend refused to shut up about. After checking it out, she went to watch an episode or two, promising it would be 'just a quick peek.' Twenty episodes later, she found herself in need of a place to rant about it. She found a link to the Fandomly on the TVtropes page, and the rest, so they say, is history.


Wife- Gemma_Rose_628
Canabro- Shiny_pachirisu
Mom-Lady- Rekab_mik
Aunt-lady- Cure_lover_17
Sister- Tweaksy
Sister- TinaBanina96

Role in the Fandomly Edit

The gun-crazy Manadian who destroys threads upon entry and yells a lot. She's also the architect of the comm, and she enjoys drawing, swearing, graphic design, swearing, writing, swearing, eating, swearing, shooting Seme curse with the shotgun that is always on her person, and did we mention swearing? When not doing any of the above, she can generally be found hatching schemes to try to bring the comm back to life, crafting and spazzing, or requesting Germany picspam.

Role in the Steve Wars Edit

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Pairings she supportsEdit

As a general rule, Snake does not ship, but she does enjoy the odd crack pairing, provided it's done purely for the lulz.

She does, however, support NethCan as a bromance.

Other fandomsEdit

  • Doctor who
  • MLP, though not really so much anymore.