As the Shipping Curse has many pairings that he ships, he keeps a photos of the ones he likes more on a wall in his home. There are few that he has labelled to be "canon" despite not all of them being canon. Some photos have notes scribbled on them. It's an otherwise messy system, but he does his best to organise the hundreds of ships he has.

Pairings he thinks are CanonEdit

  • Acro(South)/Louly(North)
  • Choco/Pizza Curses
  • E/Sleep-tan
  • Fishie/Cap
  • Kirby/Fufu
  • Khonts/Skype
  • Midori/Shipping Curse/Ven
  • Mik/Colorpen
  • Mothy/Pop
  • Photoshop-tana/Ven
  • Poofing Curse/Mik
  • Poofing Curse/Panda
  • Seme Curse/Mik
  • Seme Curse/Poofing Curse
  • Seme Curse/Talon
  • Seme/Uke Curses
  • Shiny/Panda
  • Tahno pictures and gifs/Turtle

Pairings he wants to be CanonEdit

  • Anyone/Anyone

Cargo ShipsEdit

  • x/y