A first timer to such Hetalia events, Romanochi claims her territory as the fandomly roof. She's planted a tree there and currently uses it as her room. Often prone to raging on her violin, she has her plot bunnies to keep her company. Visits the downstairs of the house for family, usually to raid the fridge.

Suffers from writers block, due to her plot bunnies rebelling, and artists block. The artist's block is currently permanent, or at least until she gets around to buying a tablet

Is currently a ninja.


One of many children to: Uncle Maria

Strange TraitsEdit

She gets shot. Alot. And tends to make nicknames for everyone in the fandom, regardless.

Supported PairingsEdit

Had absolutely no interest in yaoi until USUK and Spamano rolled around. Will stay forever loyal to those ships.

Since the forever winter/2p!Narnia fiasco of January-June 2012, She has amssed a rather extensive ship yard that includes: 00Q, Stony/Superhusbands, Johnlock, and Amy/Rory.