Riveheart's commsona

Lives in Indonesia
Other names Rive, Tohru (used by Naru)
Age Real age: 16

Mental age: Questionable

Birthday 3rd October 1995
Favourite Character All of them :D

Okey, England and France ^v^

OTP I ship quite a lot of character ^^

But FrUK’s the main OTP~

Other accounts Skype: riveheart3

Rive is one of the only two Indonesian left in the Hetalia Fandomly. Usually known as one of the calmer member in the fandomly (due to her quiet and shy nature). She’s a type 1 in the Enneagram Test and an ISFJ in the MTBI Test.

--still need to add something here, so this part’s under construction :D--

On school days, she usually spends her time in school by interacting with people, studying/reading fanfiction, sneaking in the Fandomly’s thread/stalking tumblr and sleeping. And spend the rest of her time in home by doing her homework/reading fanfiction, doing house-chores/practising her drawing, hanging out in Fandomly’s thread/stalking tumblr, listening to music/practising piano and sleeping.

Her weekend’s pretty similiar with the activity she did in her home on school days, except with the addition of actual going out outside her home to excercising in the morning, shopping her weekly needs, going to her piano class/hanging out with her real life friend, or just sleeping for a longer time.


Rive discovered Hetalia in some anime magazine sometimes in July 2009, and has been lurking all around the internet until 2012 when she finally gathers all her courage to de-lurk in the Hetalia Events Comm.

She regret nothing ever since.

Role in the FandomlyEdit

Riveheart and fan de mymy

Rive's and Mymy's Commsona drawn by Pink Cass

Rive’s title, given by Naru is “The Sweetest Thing on Earth”. Even tough she got very flustered by that title, she used it anyway.

In the Fandomly neighbourhood, she lives in the Indonesian Area of the Asian Neighbourhood, on Riceland Road. Located between the Singaporean's multi-story flat and the Philippines', it's a comfortable little house that was surrounded by a garden and a river.

And in the Fandomly Cardverse AU, she serve as Tina the Jack of Club Kingdom’s personal assistant.

She is also the Fandomly’s Greece, as the Skype group said that her personality really fits him. Which is very true.


  • Currently MIA Older Sister - Pookie-Mookie
  • Neighbours - All of the and residences :D

Pairings She SupportsEdit

  • France/England
  • Germany/Italy
  • India/England
  • Prussia/England
  • Prussia/Hungary
  • Romano/Belgium
  • Russia/England
  • Spain/Belgium
  • Spain/England

Fandoms She StalksEdit

  • Criminal Minds
  • D.Gray-Man
  • Doctor Who
  • Harry Potter
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Persona series
  • Scrubs
  • Sherlock
  • South Park
  • Supernatural

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