Translator at Your Service, Professional Corner Lurker

Lives in An Undisclosed Bunker
Other names Renka
Age 24
Favourite Character Russia
OTP Lithuania/Russia

"I love HST. It extends the events!"

Renka is a translator/spazzer who appears for an event, becomes glued to it, then disappears into the shadows until the next one. She has to try very hard to spaz satisfactorily randomly and does so mostly with a straight face or small smile, leading to many comparisons to Russia. Appropriately, she is half-Russian and has many of the cultural traits. She is excessively private and has a soft, squishy center made of something laced with sugar and probably bad for your teeth. As such, part or all of this page might disappear without warning.


Yeah, it wasn't very pretty, so here are some random facts.

  • INTJ, Enneagram Type 1.
  • List of pet peeves a mile long
  • Cries at sad/touching movies/video games/etc. as well as touching real-life stories
  • Worries about coming across as haughty or arrogant
  • Learning Japanese has had somewhat of a detrimental effect on her English; now often finds pronouns and articles extraneous
  • Rambles at length about her "pet" topics, spouts random facts


Role - Fandom Sister to Polka

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Translator who apologizes incessantly for the speed of her translations despite them probably not even being as slow as she thinks. Perfectionism, dyslexia, and vision problems are at fault.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit


Pairings she supportsEdit

  • Lithuania/Russia
  • Estonia/Latvia
  • Den/Nor
  • Su/Fin
  • America/Prussia, AsaKiku, USUK
  • Russia with anyone but (name removed)
  • Anything and everything else except (name removed)/(name removed)

Other fandomsEdit

Classified. Casual fan of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni and Code Geass.