Procrastination Curse

Procrastination Curse

Drawn by Turtle

"I'll get to that... tomorrow."

Personification of procrastinating
Also called Luca, Pro
Gender Male
Age 19
Birthday 30th September 1994
Nationality Maltese
Height 170.18cm/ 5ft 7in
Accent Maltese
Obsession Putting things off
Position Either
Style Delayed
Favourite Victims No one is safe

History of PersonificationEdit

One day, everyone on the comm was commenting about how much they were procrastinating and not getting stuff done. As a result, Procrastination Curse was born.


Due to his extreme laziness, Procrastination Curse has a very unkempt appearance. He has messy brown hair that he wears a hat over and sleepy green eyes. Although Procrastination finds formal wear very annoying, Poofing Curse tries to get him to wear formal clothing anyway. However, Procrastination will often modify it to to fit his needs which irks Poofing Curse. When he actually cleans himself up, Procrastination is actually quite handsome.


Being the personification of procrastination, this Curse will attempt to put off work for as long as possible until the very last minute. Even then, he will only do the bare minimum.

Despite his extreme laziness, Procrastination is actually very intelligent although he keeps this side of him hidden most of the time since people finding out about his intelligence would cause them to make him do more work than he wants. He is very observant due to his preference to not move for long periods of time.

Underneath his lazy exterior also lies a very sarcastic and snarky personality. Procrastination will make snarky or sarcastic remarks under his breath if a person begins nagging him or makes him do work.

Despite his overall appearance, Procrastination is actually quite similar to Poof. Like Poof, Procrastination does appreciate the finer things in life and does have a taste for wine. Although unlike Poof, he does not really care for flirting or doing anything sexual since it would require him to physically work. In fact, he finds people, women in particular, annoying and does not really care for human or any interaction.



Homework Curse

Homework and Procrastination have a long history together, making the latter have somewhat of a soft spot for the former. Though he often only passively listens Homework's babbling, on the odd occasion he'll respond intelligently. He usually doesn't show it, but he is concerned about his friend's attention seeking habits.

Movie Curse


Poofing Curse

Poofing Curse is - or at least tries to be - Procrastination Curse's "father figure." Unfortunately, this usually fails given Procrastination's and Poof's irresponsible personalities. Despite having a less than savory relationship with each other, they both do care for each other in their own weird way.


Tea Curse

Typo Curse

Procrastination and Typo have an odd relationship. The latter finds Pro's extreme laziness and indifference to human contact creepy, preferring to stay away. Procrastination, on the other hand, is quite curious about Typo and is interested in knowing more about him. He has yet to really inquire about him, however.