Polka Bomb

Polka bomb lineart

Drawn by Belu, coloured by Ven


Personification of Polka's Spazzing
Also called ?
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday 25th October
Nationality Filipino
Height Unknown
Verbal Tic Keysmashes
Position  ?
Style Spazzy

Polka Bomb is the personification of Polka's endless and large spazzing on Skype, and several times on the Comm as well.


The Polka bomb started off in Skype in 2012, the idea originally from Ven as the spazzings could easily be compared to the bomb. Ever since then, Polka's spazzing has always been addressed as the Polka Bomb.


Polka Bomb appears to be somewhat similar to Polka's Commsona, except with a small portion of hair tied up to resemble a bomb, and her shirt writes a random spazz message from Polka every time. Polka Bomb seems to carry a small Jake plush and an iDan with her all the time.



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