Lurker Curse
Lurker Curse

Drawn by Turtle


Personification of lurking
Also called Amon
Gender We don't know
Age Still don't know
Nationality Australian
Obsession Lurking
Position Always where you can't see hir
Style Unknown
Favourite Victims Acro


More to come.


Always in a ninja suit with a mask on hir face. Carries a pink stuffed cat around.

More to come.


A weeaboo with a plastic katana and a pet kangaroo. Spends endless amounts of time on anime viewing websites, tumblr, and deviantart. Follows the samurai code and thinks all non-Japanese animation ripped anime off, if xie doesn't believe it's already Japanese. Loves Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series and frequently references it. A bit of a kleptomaniac. Lurks and hides hir face out of shame. Occasionally communicates by note attached to a shuriken.

Usually types with Japanese emoticons or YGOTAS references. Very childish.

More to come.



Art Block Curse

They are best friends. Xie has feelings for Art and often wants to be noticed by her, often failing.

Seme Curse

Seme is a father figure to hir, though xie often berates his womanizing tendencies.


Poofing Curse

Xie dislikes Poof because Art is attracted to him. Occasionally xie steals and wears his suits, which are too big on hir.

Tea Curse

They have what is like a sibling rivalry within the Brits.


Miss Captcha

Shipping Curse

Writer's Block Curse