Lives in Tromsø, Norway
Other names Luna
Age 18
Birthday 21st of April 1995.
Favourite Character

So many...

Other accounts Lunazy1 on Skype


Lunazy joined the comm in late March 2012 after been lurking for several months, and has stayed forever since.

She's the only Norwegian on the comm (yet) and she's half Russian, but is still struggling with learning Russian.

Other than that, she's often busy with balancing social life, school, and trying to work out regularly. Her favourite hobbies are paragliding and different extremesports, mountain hiking, diving, photography, skiing and just being lazy in front of the computer all night. One of her biggest passions in life though is travelling and experience new things and cultures. She travels as often as possible, and wishes to have visited as many countries as possible before she dies.

Role in the fandomlyEdit

She's one of the many "poofers" in the Fandomly, and tries (but fails) often to post other things than "Hi" and "Bye". But she tries to visit as often as possible.

Luna is the one used to post daily (or as often as she was able to) pic spams, most often consisting of scenery porn. And was the one who came up with the Fandomly Omegle Roulette, where you could talk personally to one random member.

She's one of the few extroverts on the comm (ENFP), but is still not as outgoing on the comm compared to alot of other members. But she says what she means, may complain about school sometimes and loves having long discussions with other members on the comm, Skype or somewhere else :D

She has been lucky enough to meet many Fandomly members compared to others. She still wants to visit more, and revisit members she has already met.

Relations (more to come, hopefully)Edit

  • The Moustache Mafia with Nise and Clue. The most badass mafia.
  • Best friends with Clue. This relationship can't be explained, really. They talk almost every day on the comm, on skype and via text messages. Talk about all kinds of shit togeter, liveblog stuff to each other, watch series together and get along well. They have been lucky enough to have met twice, but the third meet is already being planned.

Other fandomsEdit

  • Dangan Ronpa 2
  • Breaking Bad
  • Supernatural
  • SnK
  • Game of Thrones
  • Homestuck