Fandomly member since December 2011. Likes singing and drawing. Terribly. Likes hosting and playing boardgameonline, and can usually be found on tumblr or the comm. 

Lives in NYC,USA
Other names Real name: Miranda
Age 14
Favourite Character Canada, Hungary, England, America, Prussia, France.
OTP PruHun, USUK, Franada

Other accounts

Relations Edit

Role - Mother of Fairy and Taka. Her children simply asked if anybody wanted to adopt them, and she took up the offer.
Role - Wife of mariabloodwell.

Role in the fandomlyEdit

A picspammer who likes to annoy people. and seems to be the only one who loved tehd's creepy spam. Changes icons frequently and almost never semes.

Role in the Steve Wars Edit

A Steve RP'er. Has played Steve numerous times, has never played another character. Ate eyes as well as collected them.

Pairings she supportsEdit

  • PruHun
  • USUK
  • Franada
  • GerIta
  • Fem!RussiaxMale!Belarus
  • Giripan
  • TurkeyxGreece
  • LietPol
  • SuFun
  • NorIce
  • Platonic!FrUk
  • KugelmugelxLadonia? XD
  • StevexCaptcha
  • StevexFrank
  • StevexAoOni alien
  • RoChu
  • KoChu
  • JapChu
  • Spamano

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Harry Potter