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"If I'm going to be a vegetable. I shall be a fabulous carrot..."


Katurtle originally lurked for the entire 2011 Christmas Blood-bath and then decided to join the fandomly after seeing how much fun they were having.

Biographical InfoEdit

Katurtle979 (also called Kat or Turtle) is a turtle that often lurks around the Fandomly Mansion. She is the clone of Cyro and is the "husband" of Rainbow. She lives in a turtle pond along with her Killer Whale, Blitzer and her Humpback Whale, Leonardo. At night, Cyro will come to visit her when she turns into a turtle. Cass is often the poor woman who cleans Katurtle's turtle pond when it gets overloaded with picspam. When not lurking around the Fandomly Mansion or hanging out around her turtle pond, she can often be seen picspamming on her train the Blitzspam Express.


  • Kawaiihetalia- spouse
  • Poofing and Real Life Curse- Frequent victim
  • Seme Curse- Has been a victim of him a few times.
  • Cyro- Clone/ spouse

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

Katurtle was was often a late-comer in most of the Steve Wars. Although she did show up in the beginnings of Steve Battle 3 when she attempted to run over Steve with the Blitzspam Express. Unfortunately this had little effect on him and she was forced to retreat into her turtle pond where she watched everyone else fight. In the last Steve War, Battle 6, Katurtle briefly appeared towards the end of the war where she was in blissful oblivion and ignored the war. She then proceeded to picspam like she normanlly did. Currently, Katurtle and Bri Nara have started a club for people who were never in the Steve Wars and/ or arrived late.

Role in Pokemon AUEdit

Katurtle is the third member of the Elite 4 and specializes in Steel-type pokemon. She us extremely suspicious of Tina's doings and is aware that she is somehow connected to Team Alpaca. However, she does not say anything as keeping peace is her top priority. In her free time, Katurtle acts as a Pokemon Historian studying the history of old civilizations and such. She has nerdtastic adventures with Mik.

Her Pokemon team consists of:

Turtle trainer card
Skarmory (Earhart) lv 55: Fly, Steel Wing, Slash, Night Slash
Steelix (Thatcher) lv 56: Iron Tail, Double Edge, Stone Edge, Crunch
Magnezone (Edison) lv 57: Magnet Bomb, Thunder, Thunder Bolt, Lock-On
Metagross (Fredrick) lv 57: Strength, Psychic, Meteor Mash, Hammer Arm
Lucario (Bismark) lv 58: Strength, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Metal Claw
Empoleon (Napoleon) lv 59: Surf, Drill Peck, Metal Claw, Hydro Canon