Commsona emma

Hyperemmalawlz's commsona

Lives in Melbourne, Australia
Other names Emma, Hyper
Age 17
Birthday 3rd November 1994


Hyperemmalawlz, commonly known as Emma, is an Australian fan who has been in in Hetalia fandom since early 2011. She came to the Christmas Bloodbath 2011 as her first event, posting her first comment in the Pre-Event Thread. She had few contacts in Hetalia fandom prior to the event.

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Emma's role in the Hetalia fandomly has largely featured her "Trivia Quizzes," a series of ten question quizzes on various facts in Geography, History and Linguistics. These quizzes are generally considered quite difficult. She is also prone to sharing random facts she has just discovered, and to updating the community on her everyday life. She is also an author, who has posted excerpts from a long AU fanfiction she is currently writing in the comm.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

During the First Steve War, hyperemmalawlz fell under the possession of Steve, one of the first fans to do so. Steve then spoke to other fans through Emma. However, Emma was also still able to speak, and with the reassurance of her friends, broke Steve's hold on her.

Pairings she supportsEdit

Hyperemmalawlz generally describes herself as a World/World shipper. She has said she has slight reservations about some pairings, although not to the point of dismissing them entirely, but has not as yet disclosed what these particular pairings are.

Other fandomsEdit

Emma's activities in other fandoms are often limited, and she rarely discusses them on the comm. She dabbles in many fandoms but is not dedicated to them like she is to Hetalia. Her fandom prior to Hetalia was Glee, however negative experiences with other fans left her hesitant about it.