About AUEdit

Rabbit, and Yen were able to easily hook Aki and Kate on the dorky loveable beautiful world of Haikyuu. That is when they discovered that many of the nerds in the story fit fandomly members quite well. Who doesn't want to be matched with cute volleyball players?! (Feel free to add on or change)


  • Karasuno High (Crows)
    • Coach: Ukai- Rabbit
    • Captain/ 3rd Year Wing Spiker: Daichi- Mik
    • Vice Captain/ 3rd Year Setter: Sugawara- Cure
    • 3rd Year Wing Spiker: Asahi-
    • 2nd Year Libero: Nishinoya- Ani
    • 2nd Year Wing Spiker: Tanaka- Snake
    • 1rst Year Setter: Kageyama-
    • 1rst Year Middle Blocker: Hinata- Kate
    • 1rst Year Middle Blocker: Tsukishima- Unicorn
    • 1rst Year Middle Blocker: Yamaguchi- Sonic
    • 1rst Year Manager: Yachi- Tali
  • Nekoma High (Cats)
    • Captain/3rd Year Middle Blocker: Kuroo- Talon
    • 1rst Year Middle Blocker: Sou- Yen
    • 2nd Year Setter: Kenma- Tins
  • Fukurodani High (I Swear They're Owls)
    • Captain/3rd Year: Bokuto-
    • Vice Captain/3rd Year Setter: Akaashi- Naru
    • More Coming...
  • Seijou (Drama Queens)
    • Captain/3rd Year Setter: Oikawa- Richard

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