I am literally a pair of glasses and this isn't even my final form

(I'll post a commsona one day, ONE DAY)

Lives in

The Philippines

Other names

Glasses, Glass, Rin,

Age 15
Birthday November 5
Favourite Character there are way too many don't make me choose
OTP Ryan Ross x Ladder

NagiRei (Free!)

Cecilos (WTNV)

WeissRuby (RWBY)

Other accounts

"The only boy I need in my life is Fall Out Boy, amen." -literally my life motto

Glasses is one of the younger ones in the fandomly. She spends almost all of her time on the Internet either reading or on Youtube. Also draws stuff. Recently has been crying over bands. She also thinks you should listen to Twenty One Pilots because they are very awesome and really important.


Delurked during Hetaween 2011, spent most of 2012 and 2013 on tumblr, and finally came back to the comm on Hetaween 2013.


Due to her role in the fandomly, she doesn't have any relations with other members.

Long lost twin sister- polka_tetris

Role in the fandomlyEdit

20iffxj th

Glasses' fandomly portrait by Pink_Cass

Her role in the fandomly is 'that unclaimed child that likes to read, watch videos, talk to herself, an d play video games all day.'

She is also the Fandomly's Seychelles.

Recently has become a band loving piece of shit.

Also has a really embarrassing crush on Fall Out Boy's vocalist, Patrick Stump. She knows fully well her crush on him is pathetic but she can't help it.

Other fandoms/interestsEdit

  • Welcome To Night Vale
  • Pokemon
  • Free!
  • general Roosterteeth/RWBY/Achievement Hunter
  • Fall Out Boy
  • Twenty One Pilots
  • Owl City
  • I can't think of anything else I'll think of some more stuff