Gemma Rose 628

I'll get around to it eventually!

Lives in [Chicago, IL, USA]
Age [16]
Other names [Nicknames here]
Birthday [6-28-1995]
Favourite Characters [Canada, Prussia, Russia, England]
OTP [UKUS, PruCan, GerIta]
Other accounts [Links here]

"Heyo~ /huggles"

[I'm Gemma, and I'm sorta new here. /hides]


I joined the Fandomly this past Christmas (2012), about halfway through the event. I had known Hetalia for some time, but had no idea of the Fandomly's scale. I write a lot, and draw sometimes, but most of it never makes it onto the net.


Married to: Snake

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Exchange student from FMA and Dot's big sister.

Role in the Gauken AUEdit

I've got two kids in the Gauken AU, Gemma and Connor. Connor is my genderbend, and both are students. They are not related, but may yet become friends. Insofar, Gemma just sees Connor as an asshat and Connor sees her as a sorta snippy girl who happens to be a student at the same school as him.

Gemma Rose:

Connor Duncan:

Pairings [s/he] supportsEdit





RusPrus (dysfunctional)



FrUK (sometimes dysfunctional, other times not)

France/Jeanne (usually involves shenanigans)

Other fandomsEdit


Doctor Who

Harry Potter


Teen Titans

Powerpuff Girls

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