In September 2012 during the rise of Planetshipping; Sailor Food Scouts arose from a comment of Naru's, who imagined Cass as Sailor Wurst. Immediately, fandomly members began to claim different foods as their Sailor names.

Sailor Food ScoutsEdit

Sailor Wurst - Cass

Sailor Surströmming - Sotnosen

Sailor Shortbread - Fufu

Sailor Salmiakki - Rabbit

Sailor Fazer - Kulta

Sailor Bacon/Orange - Rachpop

Sailor Mentos - Little

Sailor Cocoa - Panda

Sailor Tea Twins - North and South

Sailor Dampfnudeln - Tinten

Sailor Tigertörtchen - Yuyu

Sailor Cupcake - Cure

Sailor Paella/Sangría- Xaylu

Sailor Cinnamon Roll - Mik

Sailor Cocada Twins - Khonts (Sailor Cocada Branca) and Naru (Sailor Cocada)

Sailor Maple - Snake

Sailor Sausage Bun - Webcomix

Sailor Pelmeni - TheGreatPrussia

Sailor Egg Tart - Turtle

Soy Sauce Duo - Web and Turtle

Sailor Dark Chocolate - Talon

Sailor Limeade - E

Sailor Abalone - Ani

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