Lives in Germany
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Age 19
Birthday September 17th
Favourite Character Russia, Prussia, Canada, England, Austria
OTP RusLiet or PruAus
Other accounts Youtube:

The annoying pet bird. gnortaku's pet - Commsona Description


Fishy had stalked the Hetalia Fandom since she discovered Hetaween in 2011. Having missed her chance to join this event, she didn't give herself the chance to become a lurker and joined the Hetalia Christmas Event on Christmas Eve.


Owner - Gnortaku

Adopted sister of - Sinnafain

Ninja Partner - Cakeswithfaces

Somehow related to - one of Xaylu's penguins

Role in the fandomlyEdit

Fashyfishy is the Fandomly's annoying pet bird. She is usually quite clam, but will become obnoxious and loud when excited.

When the Fandomly is confronted with chaotic situations, she gathers facts and opinions and organizes them to solve problems efficiently.

She sometimes likes to play pranks that only work out because nobody suspects her to be the culprit due to her invisible nature. She also loves picspam wars, she will never miss out on one and takes them very seriously.

Random favourite thingsEdit

  • Food: Lasagne
  • Sweet: Tiramisù
  • Colour: Violet/ Dark Blue
  • Language: German/ Lithuanian
  • Flower: Lily
  • Animal: Unicorn!

Pairings she supportsEdit

  • USUK
  • GerIta = HRE/Chibitalia
  • SpaMano
  • RusLiet
  • PruAus
  • SuFin
  • France/Jeanne
  • Franada
  • PruCan

Other fandomsEdit

  • Kuroshitsuji
  • Ouran High School Host Club
  • Pokémon
  • Sherlock
  • Pandora Hearts
  • Digimon
  • After School Charisma