About the AUEdit

The idea for this AU started when Mik asked what class would she be if she was in Fire Emblem. From there, she and Cure slowly started planning the AU and asked the other Fire Emblem fans to join.

It was later restarted by Talon and Mik, not long after a new Fire Emblem game came out. It is currently being written by Talon, and anyone is welcome to join.


Will be added by Talon at a later date.

Short description of the classesEdit

This section is currently outdated, so if anyone needs help deciding on their classes, please ask Talon and/or Mik for help.


  • AU Curse - Outlaw, promotes to Adventurer
  • Clue - Thief, promotes to Assassin
  • Comix - Songstress
  • Cure - Pegasus Knight, promotes to Dark Flier
  • Fufu - Myrmidon, promotes to Swordmaster
  • Kate - Fighter, promotes to Hero
  • Kit - Wyvern Rider, promotes to Wyvern Lord
  • Kirby - Mage, promotes to Sage
  • Luna - Cleric, promotes to Bishop
  • Mik - Spear Fighter, promotes to Spear Master
  • Mymy - Archer, promotes to Sniper
  • Naru - Witch (no promotion)
  • Nise - Cat Laguz (no promotion)
  • Panda - Mercenary, promotes to Hero
  • Poofing Curse - Lord, promotes to Great Lord
  • Real Life Curse - Knight, promotes to
  • Seme Curse - Lord, promotes to Great Lord
  • Shiny - Troubadour, promotes to Valkyrie
  • Sne - Cleric, promotes to War Cleric
  • Sonic - Mage, promotes to Dark Knight
  • Sot - Dark Mage, promotes to Sorcerer
  • Stella - Myrmidon, promotes to Swordmaster
  • Tali - Ninja, promotes to Mechanist
  • Talon - Tactician, promotes to Grandmaster
  • Tea Curse - Butler (no promotion)
  • Turtle - Cavalier, promotes to Great Knight
  • Tweaks - Dark Mage, promotes to Sorcerer
  • Uke Curse - Pegasus Knight, promotes to Falcon Knight
  • Yen - Manakete (no promotion)

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