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The Fandomly TitlesEdit

The titles of the Fandomly members. Feel free to add any new titles that you find suiting, alphabetically.

The TitlesEdit

Ala - Korea-like Hyperactive member

Cure - Game Master with 100 Faces

Cyro - Crack Pair Queen

Emma - Trivia Master

Fishie - Poems Master

Fufu - Resident Yuri fan

Khonts - Candy Spammer

Kulta - Steveslayer

Living_cat_bed - Mrs. Onceler

Luna - Scenery Porn Spammer

Mik - Chatty Seme Master

Panda - Panda Buddha

Polka - Accent Spazzer

Rai - Dedicated America Fangirl

Renka- Overbearing Russian Great-Auntie

Rikkai - Thread Master

Rive - Sweetest thing on Earth

Shiny - Shipping Wizard

Sinna - Queen of Random Spazzing

Sne - Eclectic Fangirl

Stream - Pun Spammer

Talon - Troll Master

Tina - Token Evil Fairy

Turtle - Conductor of the Blitzspam Express

Tweaksy - Admirer of Pokémon and French

Ven - Meme Master

Webcomix - Hong Kong Historian

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