A collection of symbols, images, and other works designed to represent the Fandomly.

The Fandomly FlagEdit

Fandomly flag blue

The Fandomly Flag. Designed by Snakefire.

The flag is designed for outdoor or indoor display; with this in mind it was created to be simple and recognizable from a distance.

Official interpretation, written by Akikazehana:

The flag of the Hetalia Fandomly is a tricolour with a triple pennant inspired by the Norwegian flag of war. The center is occupied by a ring with four green and four light blue stripes turning clockwise.

The upper blue stripe symbolizes the sky which lies above all members of the Fandomly and the lower blue stripe symbolizes the oceans which connects all the continents the members thread upon.

The white band symbolizes peace and happiness as the common wish of the community of fans.

The ring symbolizes union and solidarity as a family that runs over the entire globe with no distinction between race, nationality and belief, symbolized by the green and blue stripes of the ring.

The association with a flag of war is to be seen as the will of the Fandomly community to promote peace in the fandom by offering all members a welcoming place to be without excluding anyone, without fan wars and where all worries and joys can be shared.

The flag of war could also be seen as a symbol for the work Hetalia itself, which is primarily based on the conflict of the Second World War, to prove that peace can arise from conflict.

The Fandomly BannerEdit

Fandomly banner

Designed by Snakefire.

The banner was made to represent the global nature of the Fandomly, as well as to honor the bonds of friendship that binds us together. The inclusion of Italy is a tip of the hat to the work Hetalia itself, without which this Fandomly would not exist.

Translated from Latin, the motto reads: "the bond of friendship in unity" or simply "friendship in unity"; the Fandomly is a community united as one by this bond.

Translation of the motto is courtesy of Akikazehana.