Fandomly Senpai
Fandomly senpai sparkle

Drawn by Turtle

"Erm... what is your name again?"

Personification of the Fandomly comm
Also called Kaya
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday 21st Feburary
Nationality Hetalian
Height Average of height in fandomly
Obsession Hetalia
Position Mostly bottom
Style Doesn't think about it
Favourite Members She loves everyone <3

The personification of the Fandomly. She embodies the feels that the comm members have for their fandomly, and thus watches out for everyone who is part of the fandomly. There isn't anything that her appearance causes or any event that may summon her, she simply just represents everyone as a whole. Even if you don't see her, she is always on the comm.

History of the PersonificationEdit

It was never clear exactly when the idea for this occured. Yet somehow, shortly after moving over to the Fandomly Comm, there were people referring to a Fandomly sensei or senpai. It may have been people talking about Hima-papa, though due to confusion and having been busy from the comm, Talon simply thought of it as a personification and during the creation of the Gakuen AU she nominated the Fandomly Senpai as a Vice Principal then went on to make this page.



She's a friendly woman who likes to welcome all that come across her path. There is nothing more that makes her upset is to see someone being left out of something, so she does her best to include everyone in everything she is involved in. If you're new or shy, she'll gladly take you under her care and watch out for you until you've gained the confidence to stand out on your own. She can be somewhat motherly though is usually seen more as an older sister than a mother as she's not that strict nor expects much out of the fandomly members.

While Fandomly Senpai can be very responsible and dependable when you need her, she's also forgetful. A lot of information passes through the comm so she can't remember everything, especially when she needs that memory for important things such as remembering Hetalia facts or where the best art and fics are for her OTPs. Names are especially something she can be bad with, particular because everyone on the comm refers to each other by nickname and she can't identify which username that nickname came from. You might find her writing notes to herself to remember trival information.

She adores many cute things and while she can seem to be on top of everything, anything that's cute gets to her. There is nothing that shows how much of a fangirl she truly is than to show her kitten or puppy or give her a fanfic of one of her OTPs. Much like any other fangirl, she spends her time looking up fanfics and fanarts. Although the stupidity she keep coming across always gets her facepalming. She does get involved with other series out there, though Hetalia is her favourite and is a fandom she won't be leaving any time too soon.