About the AUEdit

It all started when Cure tried to think of an AU where Mik could be a pilot. From there, with some help from Snake, the basic plot of this AU was made.


In this AU, everyone is part of a Secret Organization called the Fandomly. We are Secret Agents, scattered all across the globe, and our goal is to fight criminals and bring them to justice. The only contacts between members are online, though there are some rare exceptions where two or three agents may team up together. The leader of this organization is Himaruya and when he is reported missing, all the agents must unite to find him.


  • Aki - Financial Expert
  • Cure - Criminologist
  • Emma - Writer
  • Katurtle - Children's Doctor
  • Kulta - Translator
  • Luna - Nanotechnologist
  • Midori - Weapons Engineer dabbling in Astronomy
  • Mik - Pilot
  • Nise - Baker
  • Rockinmidniter - Video Game Designer
  • Sinna - Singer
  • Snake - Gunsmith
  • Talon - Military Strategist
  • Tina - Prosecutor (who composes on the side)
  • Tweaksy - Forensic Linguist
  • Ven - Private Hacker