The Fandomly Pokemon Mystery Dungeon AUEdit

An AU where all the Fandomly members are all Pokemon, grouped into teams and guilds to fulfill their daily missions as their job.

How did this come about?Edit

It was suggested by a few Fandomly members around the Comm for quite awhile until Ven decided to bring it up.

General RulesEdit

  • No legendary Pokemon
  • Each team will be made up of either two or three members. Can be picked.


The Fandomly (Main Guild)Edit

Fandomly PMD

A picture of the Guild. Edited by Ven.

  • Leaders/Head roles of the guild
    • NIL so far
  • Teams
    • Team Triple Cheer
    • Team Homoasexual / Team Gaysexual (undecided)
    • Team Asian Spazzers
  • Members that have not found a team yet


  • Shiny (Pachirisu) - member of a thieves team
  • Little (Purrloin) - member of a thieves team

Shopkeepers in the main townEdit