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How did this AU come about?Edit

Yen had referred to Clue as her lovely item one day and Naru referred to Clue as being Yen's Honey. They eventually started to discuss on what roles the other fandomly members would fit.


  • Haruhi - Either Mik, Comix or Aki
  • Tamaki - Rabbit
  • Kyouya - Talon
  • Hitachiin Brothers - Either Cyro and Turtyle or North and South
  • Mori - Yen
  • Honey - Clue
  • Honey's Bunney - Kulta
  • Nekozawa - Rai
  • Nekozawa's Handpuppet - Naru
  • Haruhi's Father - Either Cass or Uncle
  • Renge - Shiny
  • Kasanoda - Snake
  • Lobelia Students - possibly the Curses
  • Kirimi - ???
  • Nekozawa's Family's Servants (2) - ???
  • Black Magic Club Members (4) - ???
  • Host Club Fangirls - Clue and Iced

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