The following is a list of popular memes started and/or often posted on the comm, by the fandomly.


Sexually Oblivious SpainEdit

It was brought on the comm by Tine.

Main contributors are Louly, Cure and Tine.

The list of memes can be found here.


It was started in Thread 2 of the Hetaween Event 2011 by Ven.

After that, things started to develop and thus, Ven continued to do it every update, trying to fit Steve in. There was even a video made by Vaz.

It continued in the following events, and it went as far ahead to the Steve Wars, Started by Talon.

Meanwhile In HetaliaEdit

Invented by Shiny Pachirisu and Commander Freddy early on in the event.

Consits of pictures of Hetalia nations photoshopped over "Meanwhile In" pictures.

You Know You're Hetalian When...Edit

a meme turned tumblr account during the Christmas 2011-2012 event