Set in the middle of the Medieval period, this AU focuses on what life would be like in the roles the fandomly members would most like to have or fit at the time. This came about when Shiny mentioned wondering about how an AU like this would work, and many members then adding how they'd like for one. It was brought up again during the more dead hours of the comm so that Talon could set the page for it.

While it's so far been mostly favoured to be in a fantasty setting, for those who had been wondering what everyone would be doing if the setting was realistic, each member will have a role for each setting.


Please be sure you have a role in both of the settings! It may be the same in both or differ.


The list of roles that apply in a medieval period that contains fantasy elements. Magic can be used and mythical creatures exist, roaming around in the lands yet to have been claimed by humans. Anything can apply here, so feel free to choose anything you want to do.

  • Acrossai - Mercenary Leader
  • Aki - Chocolate Fairy (with a shop in the woods)
  • Colies - Magical Archer
  • Cure - Elvish Princess
  • E56111920 - Changeling
  • Gemma - Centaur
  • Kirby- Travelling Puffball
  • Naru - Witch
  • Rai - Mermaid
  • Shiny - Alchemist
  • Snake- Wizard (specializing in explosion magic)
  • Sne - A Snow Maiden 
  • Talon - Queen of TrollsFaeries
  • Tina - 
  • Tine - Pick-pocket
  • Turtle - Wandering wish granter
  • Ven - Tamer of birds with magical powers
  • Yen - Cure's knight transformed into a Dragon


The list of roles that apply in a medieval period that mirrors the one in history books. No magic or any magical creatures exist. Everyone is a normal human and expected to take up jobs that would actually exist in this time period. While there is a limit on only taking a job that actually existed in this time period, you can choose any job. Just be noted that for some jobs you may be expected to pretend to be male to do them.

  • Acrossai - Mercenary Leader
  • Aki - Inn owner
  • Colies - Archer
  • Cure - Princess
  • E56111920 - Orphan traveler that is trying to find an apprenticeship as a baker
  • Gemma - Palace chef
  • Kirby- Traveler
  • Naru - Witch
  • Rai - Blacksmith
  • Shiny - Travelling merchant that sells foreign goods
  • Snake- Bounty hunter
  • Talon -
  • Tina -
  • Tine - Pick-Pocket
  • Turtle - Traveler
  • Ven - Scientist
  • Yen - Cure's Knight