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The exterior entrance of the mansion. Drawn by Snakefire.

This is the mansion that the comm is imagined to be if it were a real place not on the net. Its whereabouts is unknown but it's been theorised that the Fandomly Mansion is capable of moving locations so that it's never in the same place for long. How this could be possible is unknown, though not much is known about how this mansion came to be. For as long as the Fandomly members have lived here, there are still many secrets about it that they've yet to discover.

Please Note: Currently there is a max on there being only 10 bedrooms per floor. Please do not try to add anymore bedrooms to any of the lists. If you wish for a room on a floor that is maxed out, then either ask to share with someone already rooming on that floor or choose another floor.

Ground FloorEdit



Concert HallEdit

Banqueting HallEdit


Drawn by Snake

Where everyone goes to for meal times. Due to all the different timezones everyone was brought up in, there is always a major meal being served up. Some may decide to eat together at the table, although there are other chairs aside from those at the table for people who come in to eat on their own.


Hall of FlagsEdit


Indoor CourtyardEdit

Indoor PoolEdit

Containg a waterpark.

Laundry RoomEdit

Living RoomEdit

First FloorEdit



Bedrooms on this floor:

  • 1st Bedroom: Snake's.
  • 2nd Bedroom: Ven's.
  • 3rd Bedroom: Tweaks'.
  • 4th Bedroom: Naru's.
  • 5th Bedroom: Shiny's.
  • 6th Bedroom: E's
  • 7th Bedroom: Kit's.
  • 8th Bedroom: Polka's and Renka's.
  • 9th Bedroom: Cass'.
  • 10th Bedroom: Sne's.

Common RoomEdit

Electronic Gaming RoomEdit

Music RoomEdit

Snake's WorkroomEdit


Second FloorEdit


Ball Pit RoomEdit



Bedroom's on this floor:

Common RoomEdit


Music RoomEdit

Third FloorEdit



Bedrooms on this floor:

  • 1st Bedroom: Sinna's
  • 2nd Bedroom: Khonts's
  • 3rd Bedroom: Kahfon's
  • 4th Bedroom: Clue's.
  • 5th Bedroom: Luna, Sot, and Nise's
  • 6th Bedroom: Aki's
  • 7th Bedroom:
  • 8th Bedroom:
  • 9th Bedroom:
  • 10th Bedroom:

Common RoomEdit

Home CinemaEdit

A room made specifically just to watch any film, TV show or youtube clip on a screen the size of a wall. It's sound proof so no sound from this room will escape or from outside this room will enter. The screen is connected to a computer as well as a DVD player and an old VHS player that still works. There is a shelf to the side with all films and series stored there, which decided by a rule from a majority of Fandomly members will not be taken outside of this room.

Music RoomEdit

Study RoomEdit

A room that contains many large sofas and cushions to keep the members comfortable as they study. There are foldable tables that anyone can erect when it's needed. In the far corner of the room, there is a saltwater tub closed off from the room by a decorative panel for relaxation from all the studying.

Fourth FloorEdit



Bedrooms on this floor:

  • 1st Bedroom: Rai and Tins'
  • 2nd Bedroom: Dragonstar's
  • 3rd Bedroom: Fufu's
  • 4th Bedroom: Rabbit and Fishie's
  • 5th Bedroom: Little's
  • 6th Bedroom: Glasses'
  • 7th Bedroom: Living Cat Bed's
  • 8th Bedroom: Kirby's
  • 9th Bedroom:
  • 10th Bedroom:

Communications CentreEdit

A room that can be used to contact the outside world. This is also where the technology to give all reception for anything such as internet and phones is stored. Members on this floor notably have the best reception compared to any other floor.

Living RoomEdit

Snack StorageEdit


Astronomy TowerEdit


First BasementEdit

The door to this basement can be found in the kitchen on the Ground Floor.



Bedrooms on this floor:

  • 1st Bedroom:
  • 2nd Bedroom: Stella's room
  • 3rd Bedroom: Tali's room
  • 4th Bedroom: Foohey's room
  • 5th Bedroom:
  • 6th Bedroom:
  • 7th Bedroom:
  • 8th Bedroom:
  • 9th Bedroom:
  • 10th Bedroom:

Second BasementEdit

Danger RoomEdit

A training room from Hell, similar to the one in the X-Men.

Gun RangeEdit

Artillery StorageEdit

Third BasementEdit

Giant Mecha RoomEdit

The Secret FloorEdit

No one is sure of where this floor is, nor of how to get there. The Fandomly members have climbed every stairwell and opened every door, yet they still cannot find this floor. The only evidence of its existance is that the Personifications of the comm apparently live there and sometimes talk about it.




A beautiful piece of land with pigs, cows and chickens.



Of Japanese, French, English and Italian variety.


Bomb RangeEdit

Underground AFV StorageEdit

Turtle's PondEdit