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The Fandomly Mafia AUEdit

The battle for the control of Fandomly City has been going on for ages. 

How did this come about?Edit

While it had been on the Future AUs list for a long time, it is only after Mik brought it up again while she was looking through old threads. She and Cure then wondered what role they would have in this AU. From there Shiny created a page for the Mafia AU and it became official.

General RulesEdit

The fandonly is divided in different gangs. Put yourself under the name of the gang you belong with. Or if you work on your own, put your role at the end of the list.



As of yet unamed gang

  • Yen - Head of the gang

As of yet unamed gang #2

  • Cure -
  • Mik - In charge of the information and gang activities

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