Fandomly Ghost AUEdit

An AU where we have a world with ghosts, ghost hunters and normal people.


Hunters - Usually working solo, they are the ones to go in the midst of haunted places and try to put them to rest. They have all the cool gadgets.

Support - They are working 24/7 to receive information about new ghosts and sort/find information for the hunters from the safety of a HQ. They are the ones to supply the cool gadgets.

Normal - Innocent people caught in crossfire.


The dead who return to the living world because of a certain reason we do not wish to yet uncover yet. They have powers that are connected to the things they loved when they were alive or their death. Please mind, those who died aggressive deaths are stronger and easier to piss off, while those who died due to accidents are much calmer albeit weaker.


Ghost HuntersEdit


Normal HumansEdit