List of RolesEdit


  • King - Emma
  • Queen - Naru
  • Bishop - Mik
  • Bishop - Kahlan
  • Knight - Panda
  • Knight - Turtle
  • Rook - Rabbit
  • Rook - Colies
  • Pawn of the Queen - Sinna
  • Pawn of the Queen - Sne
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Shiny
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Gemma
  • Pawn of the Knight - Tine
  • Pawn of the Knight - Midori
  • Pawn of the Rook - Clue
  • Pawn of the Rook - Cat Bed


  • King - 1stw
  • Queen - Cure
  • Bishop - Lunazy
  • Bishop - Ven
  • Knight - Roma
  • Knight - Iggy
  • Rook - Iced
  • Rook - Fantasy
  • Pawn of the Queen - Kulta
  • Pawn of the Queen - Comix
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Emsie
  • Pawn of the Bishop -
  • Pawn of the Knight - Fufu
  • Pawn of the Knight - Kate
  • Pawn of the Rook - Silver
  • Pawn of the Rook -


  • King -
  • Queen - Dragonstar
  • Bishop -
  • Bishop - Stella
  • Knight - Ani
  • Knight - Tali
  • Rook - Little
  • Rook - Tweaks
  • Pawn of the Queen - Talon
  • Pawn of the Queen -
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Rin
  • Pawn of the Bishop -
  • Pawn of the Knight -
  • Pawn of the Knight -
  • Pawn of the Rook - Snake
  • Pawn of the Rook -


  • King - Seme
  • Queen - Uke
  • Bishop - Poof
  • Bishop - Miss Captcha
  • Knight - Real Life
  • Knight - Pizza
  • Rook - Exam
  • Rook - Chocolate
  • Pawn of the Queen - Tea
  • Pawn of the Queen - Weather
  • Paw of the Queen - Typo
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Art
  • Pawn of the Bishop - AU
  • Pawn of the Bishop - Perfection
  • Pawn of the Knight - Lurker
  • Pawn of the Knight - Flamenco
  • Pawn of the Knight - Gamer
  • Pawn of the Rook - Homework
  • Pawn of the Rook - Writer
  • Pawn of the Rook - Fabulous

Details of the RolesEdit


There is only one King per kingdom.

The King contains all the magic of their kingdom. However, they are unable to use the magic themself - that is what they need a Queen for. The only magical abilities a King can perform on their own is to give magic or take magic from their subjects, extend or shorten the life span of their subjects, and cause instant death to a subject. If a King is ever killed, everyone in their kingdom dies.

They are in charge of the politics of their kingdom and of selecting who will become their Queen, Bishops, Knights and Rooks. While they usually get the final say in how their kingdom is run, they can have their decisions revoked by their Queen if it is believed that the King's decision is unjust.

Kings are immortal. The only way to kill a King is if another magical being were to drain the King of their magic.


Usually there is only one Queen per kingdom.

The Queen is a channel to the King's magic, and is able to use all the magic that the King cannot. They are easily the most powerful subject in their kingdom, however they can only keep using that magic if they are loyal to their King. It is this reason that Kings do not give their Queens' reason to distrust or dislike them. There is no limit to what a Queen can do with their magic, but for this unlimited power they pay the price of having the King control this power. At any time, a King can stop their Queen from using any magic - even in the middle of using those abilities - or force them to use a specific spell, so that their Queen doesn't become corrupt with their power.

It is possible for there to be more than one Queen, but then it weakens the link to the King's magic. That magic must be shared among all the Queens. For example, if there were two Queens, one Queen may only use their magic during the day, while the other Queen can only user their magic at night.

They are second in command when it comes to the politics of their kingdom, and if it is agreed by the Bishops, Knights and Rooks that the King has made a decision that is unjust, the Queen can change a previous command by the King. They ensure that the King does not abuse their rule. They are also the main person responsible for protecting the King from those that may attempt to kill them.

Queens live an average human lifespan, unless if the King decides to extend the Queen's lifespan.


There needs to be at least two Bishops per kingdom.

It is possible for there to be more than two Bishops. There is only a preference for having two Bishops so that there will always be one experienced with their magic if the other loses their position or dies.

The Bishop is the second most powerful being in terms of magic, after the Queen. However, there is a lot of limits to the Bishop's magic, and unlike a Queen, they have to learn how about different magical abilities before they are capable of using it. Also, Bishops are unable to learn the same spells as the other Bishop of their kingdom. Under no circumstance can a Bishop learn a spell that enhances their own abilities, e.g. using a spell to make themselves physically stronger. Despite having all these limits, the King cannot control how a Bishop chooses to use their magic.

They are in charge of the religion and churches of their kingdom and have a seat on the King's council. They are also expected to aid with spiritual needs of all those within the kingdom.

Bishops live an average human lifespan, unless if the King decides to extend the Bishop's lifespan.


There needs to be at least two Knights per kingdom.

It is possible for there to be more than two Knights. There is only a preference for having two Knights because there are only two distinctions in the kingdom's army.

The Knight does not gain any ability to use spells, but their bodies are endowed with magic that enhances all their physical abilities. They are stronger, faster, more agile, can withstand more damage, and have their senses heightened. They can also imbued their weapons with magic to make more devastating attacks. Though they still need to learn how to fight and use those weapons, because of their enhanced physical abilities they have a knack for any weapon they pick up. Knights have only offensive prowess, so in the midst of war it is usual to see them with a Rook, who deals in defensive magic.

They are in charge of defence of the kingdom and have a seat on the King's council. One Knight leads the army, the other Knight leads the navy of each kingdom.

Knights live an average human lifespan, unless if the King decides to extend the Knight's lifespan.


There needs to be at least two Rooks per kingdom.

It is possible for there to be more than two Rooks. There is only a preference for having two Rooks due to there being two extremes in political views.

The Rook are given lots of defensive spells and magic that can temporarily enhance their own or others' abilities. For this reason, they are usually seen working with Knights during times of battle. Also, they are given magic over the nature in the kingdom. Such as, they can cause the crops to grow quicker, or raise the water level during times of drought, etc. Though they are unable to do anything like this outside their kingdom, they only keep their defensive and enhancement abilities.

They are in voice of people's concerns in the kingdom and have a seat on the King's council. One Rook takes up the concerns for causes and aiding people who cannot help themselves, the other Rook takes up the concerns for progress and preventing people who've worked hard for their life giving too much of it up.

Rooks live an average human lifespan, unless if the King decides to extend the Rook's lifespan.


There can be as many Pawns as a King chooses.

Normally there are only eight Pawns there, but it's not unheard of for there to be more. There usually is two Pawns studying to take the place of each position of the King's council once those council members have died.

The Pawns are given some portion of the magic they are expected to wield once they move up from their position as a Pawn. They are also taught the responsibilities that they are expected to take on once they stop being Pawns. You will normally find a Pawn with whatever council member they are studying under to later take over their position. Depending what position they are meant to replace later, they are given different magical abilities.

Pawns do not age from when they become Pawns. Though they are still able to be killed or die from illness.

Pawns of the QueenEdit

There is usually two learning to become Queen, despite that there's normally only one Queen. As Queens have the most magical power, in times of war they are usually targeted to be killed first. Or if not killed, as the Queen's power is only as powerful as their bond with the King, if either of them tire of the other, the King will need to change Queens.

The Pawns of the Queen get their magic directly from the King. Every so often the King will give the Pawn a new magical ability to practice using, while also taking away other abilities to stop the Pawn from containing too much power. Pawns of the Queen not only have to study under the Queen to prepare to take their place, but they are also expected to spend time with the King as well, so that the King can determine whether the Pawns would be someone they can trust to become their Queen one day.

Pawns of the BishopEdit

There is usually one Pawn studying under each Bishop. Much like the Bishop, the Pawns of the Bishop can only use magic that they've studied using beforehand. However, the strength of their spells are considerably weakened and requires much more concentration. They tend to favour the spells that the main Bishop they are studying under favours, and can eventually adopt the same limitations as that Bishop too. Though that is not always the case. Sometimes, the Pawns of the Bishop may be able to do types of spells the main Bishop they're studying under cannot do.

In addition to their studies with magic, they are also turned into priests for their churches as well, and are expected to learn how to do the many tasks priests are meant to do. They regularly need to do clergy services.

Pawns of the KnightEdit

There is usually one Pawn studying under each Knight. Once becoming a Pawn, they start to feel their body being slightly stronger. Though they don't get a natural ability to easily wield any object, so they have to train just as hard as any soldier to become proficient. It can be difficult for them to imbue any of their magic into their weapons, especially as they need to know how to use the weapon before they can attempt it. Sometimes it may appear like they are weaker than the other Pawns when it comes to magic, but unlike the other Pawns, many of their abilities become innate and need no concentration to uphold.

In addition to their training, they also are taught tactics and how to command the armies. Depending on which Knight the Pawns of the Knight is being taught by, they will specialise in either land combat or navel combat. They are also expected to work in the military as a regular officer.

Pawns of the RookEdit

There is usually one Pawn studying under each Rook. Their magical abilities are very weak compared to Rooks, and unlike a Rook, a Pawn's magical defences cannot protect an entire army or kingdom. It can only apply to a few people at a time. Also their ability to control the environment of their kingdom only works on a very small scale. Though they can still help out, it would just take considerably longer for them to complete it as they will have to resolve the incident part by part. Like with the Pawns of the Bishop, Pawns of the Rook need to concentrate quite a lot before they can perform any spell.

In addition to their studies with magic, they are also taught about how everything in the kingdom can affect the people, and are expected to get to the people before taking up their position as a Rook. They are commonly seen following the Rooks around whenever the Rooks have to meet up with the commoners.

The KingdomsEdit

Black KingdomEdit

The royals of this kingdom wear clothes of mainly black, sometimes with silver details.

The Kingdom is made up of buildings of dark colours. The castle and the houses there look mostly futuristic, as the Black Kingdom is very forward with the development of technology. Their major exports are minerals and other materials used for any construction.

They are surrounded mostly by forest, except at the south of the kingdom where a short distance away the land becomes very rocky. This is where the mines are found. There isn't much free land for agriculture, so they need to import a lot of their fresh foods from other kingdoms.

Their greatest rival is the White Kingdom.

White KingdomEdit

The royals of this kingdom wear clothes of mainly white, sometimes with gold details.

The Kingdom is made up of buildings of mostly white or fair colours. The castle and houses are very traditional in appearance, with houses looking more simple, and the castle using older styles of architecture. Their major exports are fresh vegetables and seafood.

It is placed on a bare field, which is ideal for farming. Though to the west there is a beach some distance away. Due to the lack of materials they can take from the land, they tend to heavily rely on magic instead of technology. Minerals and other materials though are still their greatest import.

Their greatest rival is the Black Kingdom.

Red KingdomEdit

The royals of this kingdom with clothes of mainly red, they vary with details of mostly yellow, orange and brown but sometimes they may use other colours.

The Kingdom is made up of buildings of warm earthy colours. Many of the houses have a mid to late twentieth century design, and the castle appears more like a mansion than a real castle. There's some simplicity in their architecture, unlike the more eye-catching buildings in the Black and White Kingdoms. Their major exports are meat and different materials for clothing.

While quite some distance from the other kingdoms, it is found closer to the grasslands. There are also some forests where hunting occurs, and fields that were cleared out for raising animals on farms. Whether magic or weapons is used, they don't have a preference. They go with whatever they need to achieve their means.

They do not have one Kingdom they rival, but they will attack any Kingdom where they see benefit in doing so.

Cursed KingdomEdit

The royals if this kingdom with clothes of mainly blue, they vary with details of mostly purple, turquoise, and viridian green but sometimes use lighter shades.

The kingdom is made up of buildings of cool, outerspace hues. Many of the houses have a early to mid victorian era design and the castle may appear like it came out of a horror story. Their authenticity and complex give it a nostalgic vibe unlike the red kingdom. Their major imports are crystals and materials for weaponry.

The mountains are their greatest stronghold and ideal mining industry. They use the sulfur from the nearby volcanoes and lava tubes for collecting obsidian. They use the lumber at the base of the mountain for housing and heat. Since there's no fertile ground for farming, they get there food from the white and red kingdom, and the mining materials from the black kingdom.

This kingdom doesn't see the other kingdoms as foe nor ally, but will attack when threatened with war.