Here is the complete list of fandomly memebers by their Enneagram Type. The test for this can be found here. The test which gives you your wing types can be found here.

There are nine types of basic personalities given as a result from this test. You are tested for how strongly you associate with each type, with your base type being what types you associate the most with. The nine types are: the Reformer (Type 1), the Helper (Type 2), the Achiever (Type 3), the Individualist (Type 4), the Investigator (Type 5), the Loyalist (Type 6), the Enthusiast (Type 7), the Challenger (Type 8), and the Peacemaker (Type 9).

You Mileage May Vary on how accurate these results are, but it is mainly done just for fun. So please keep in mind that this test does not determine who you are as a person, it's just meant to give you its opinion on what type of person you may be based on how you answer its questions.

Please note that your wing type can only be the numbers around your type. For example, if you are a Type Six, you can only be either a 6w5 or 6w7. There is no such thing as 6w4s or with whatever other numbers.

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