Empty Teapot Curse
Tea curse

Drawn by Turtle

"Would you like some tea?"

Personification of the teapot being empty before you get any tea
Also called Tea Curse


Gender Male
Age 20
Birthday 15th December 1993
Nationality Welsh
Height 170 cm/5ft 7 in
Accent British - Welsh
Obsession Tea
Position The Teapot
Style Steamy
Favourite Victims Snake

You've been craving tea for a while now. No problem, there was already some hot water boiled for this occasion. Maybe the tea leaves have already been cooked in it, or you've left the tea bags laying just besides it. However you like your tea, you know you have some in your teapot. Then you go to look and it isn't there. All the tea is gone!

This is the work of the Empty Teapot Curse, deceptively shortened to Tea Curse. Any time you think you have some tea left around, he'll sneak in and take it all without warning. It doesn't even need to be in a teapot. He'll take tea regardless of what it's being contained in. After all, that is his job, making sure the tea loving members of the comm run short of their tea supply.

History of the PersonificationEdit

Snake had been mentioning how she ran out of tea, instantly leading to several other members proclaiming that they had ran out of tea too. When the mention of the curses had come up shortly after, Snake suggested there be an Empty Teapot Curse and Turtle was right on to drawing it.


More to come'


He's a friendly and normally cheerful man who is very well-mannered. As he works as a butler, it is part of his occupation but even outside of his job he tends to uphold those manners. It wouldn't be unusual for him to do simple requests for people when he hasn't been directly asked to do so. He also tends to be happy when doing tasks for others, making others assume him to be very generous.

Behind that helpful exterior lies the heart of a thief. Though stealing tea is his specialty, don't be too surprised when he's been cleaning your room and you notice the spare change in your pockets have gone missing. Accusing him of the matter won't help any either. He's crafty and knows how to make sure he's never caught for it; finding evidence against him would be harder than getting a confession. Fortunately he only does petty theft and seems only interested in tea.

When he isn't trying to be a model butler, he can be very playful, often enjoying pulling pranks. Though at the moment he only does small things as he's still learning on how to be a proper troll. There seems to be some doubt on whether he could go all the way into trolldom as despite his kleptomanic nature, he also doesn't particularly like causing someone to be angry (unless in his opinion, they deserve it). He may like to pull pranks but they are indeed that small that he doesn't see how they'd anger anyone with a sense of humour.



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