Dream Curse

Dream Curse

Drawn by Turtle, coloured by Shiny

"It's dangerous to go alone! Just don't let an overused reference be your final words!"

Personification of Strange dreams and nightmares.
Also called Dream, Rust, Crumble Rust
Gender Male
Age 25
Birthday June 21 1988
Nationality Norweigan
Height 183 cm/6 feet 0 inches
Accent Norwegian
Obsession Creation
Style When you lose focus
Favourite Victims Shiny, Talonicefire

Dreams are mysterious, intangible things. Some say dreams are a source of wish fulfillment, while others say they are representative of underlying issues in one's life. Many other theories exist. Regardless of the reason, most memorable dreams are incredibly unusual and/or frightening. In the case of the former, we usually don't find it so bizarre during the dream itself. If you have just woken up from a particularly strange or horrifying dream, this Curse may be nearby.

Much more to come.


This Curse was first a villain in one of Shiny's Fandomly fics, specifically her "Haunted Mansion" fic. He was known as Crumble Rust, a dark magician who tried to take over the mansion. The fic was never finished; the ending would have had him turn out to be possessed by a spirit named Fan Dumb (pun of 'phantom'). Crumble Rust is an anagram of 'Tumblr Curse', though the idea of him being Tumblr Curse was scrapped after a discussion that ended with it being more of an offshoot of Poofing Curse.


He loves to wear his purple coat and Norwegian curling team pants.


Dream's personality is quite different in comparison to his original appearance as Crumble Rust. Dream's true personality is generally laid back and quiet. His senses and perception are very sharp and is often overstimulated as a result. Easily paranoid. He often notices things others wouldn't or notices them faster. Spends a lot of time thinking. Often naive and oblivious in social situations. He enjoys working with his hands and loves to build things, especially complicated gadgets. Nikola Tesla is his idol. Has an interest in magic and the occult.


Best Friend/PartnerEdit

Idea Curse

They are close friends and frequently work together to cause mischief. In their dynamic, Dream is the super-villain. Dream tends to be clueless when Idea makes sarcastic comments towards him, though he often realizes what has happened later.

Childhood FriendEdit

Dead Thread Curse


Internet Connection Curse

Lurker Curse

Poofing Curse

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