Distance Curse

Future image Drawn by Turtle

"Hi, I'm Distance and I know everything to know about planes, trains, and automobiles! Also boats."

Personification of Wanting to see/comfort someone but them being physically or mentally distant.
Also called
Gender Female
Age 18
Birthday January 12, 1996
Nationality Brazilian
Height 158 cm/5ft 2in
Accent Brazilian
Obsession Travel
Position In your way
Style High
Favourite Victims Everyone

More to come.

History of the PersonificationEdit

Turtle came up with this Curse in order to even out the number of Curses. Shiny agreed due to it begin a legitimate problem and Tins showed interest, resulting in this Curse's birth.


Distance is occasionally mistaken for a male Curse when looked at from a distance. She generally dresses like a pilot and is considered quite attractive by her peers.

Personal HistoryEdit

While she was born in Brazil she grew up and lived in America for most of her life. Her family ran a diner which she helped out with.

More to come.


Distance is overall a very impulsive and distant Curse. She is generally reserved, usually only speaking when necessary and preferring to be alone. However, that changes when someone brings up a topic that interests her. Distance will talk endlessly about her interests, even when it becomes clear her conversational partner has become disinterested. As a result her conversations are frequently one-sided. In this situation she tends to talk so much she often forgets that she has an audience and will continue speaking without even noticing if her conversational partner has left the room or not. While it tends to irritate her it if it happens, she's generally not too concerned with it.

Aside from that, Distance is quite awkward and has difficulty interacting with people regularly. She often fumbles with her wording and doesn't really know how to initiate conversation.

She is passionate about travel and the means to do so. Flying and planes are of particular interest, which is why she dresses as a pilot often. Other than that she enjoys steampunk and loves American things.

Has an interest in travelling and transportation, especially flying. Absent minded. Has a terrible sense of direction and while she can fly planes, she tends to be reckless and impulsive. Would let anyone, no matter their experience, fly a plane in mid-flight.

Her biggest fear is snakes on a plane.

More to come.



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