Lives in Indiana, USA
Other names Sheep, Rai, Dark
Age 18
Birthday April 11, 1994
Favorite Character America
Other accounts tumblr


The Christmas 2011 event is really the first one to drag Darkrai completely out of her shell. It is also her fourth event. She de-lurked during the 2011 April Fool's Event but wasn't much of a player. Nor was she during Hetaween. The whole fandom scene is actually completely new to Darkrai as her interactions with people are very limited both online and in real life.

Now she can hardly imagine a day without being on the comm.


Darkrai is a huge introvert. Also suffers from anxiety problems but she mostly overcomes those when there are people about to talk to.

It can take a while for her to warm up to someone, especially such a large group of people, but once she's out there there's not much chance of her retreating back into her shell.

She somehow manages to be a mish mosh of random, chill, and exciteable all at once.

Lover of anything cute, cuddly, and pink it's not strange to find a spam of the sort going on when she's around.

Mostly random, however.


Pet sheep of Mik's family.

Role in the FandomlyEdit

Darkrai is mostly known for an obnoxious love of America. Can almost always be found on the comm because she never leaves(her laptop or bedroom).

There's not much of a role as apart from just being around. Most of her comments don't really have any connection to the actual conversation of the thread, more like random thoughts just spoken aloud.

Resident Kawaii, according to certain members.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

When a war breaks out she generally pays it no mind. Can usually be observed rolling around and making oblivious, random comments about what ever it is she is doing at that particular time. If the opportunity for a joke or something similar presents itself, however, she will not hesitate to jump in.

Pairings She SupportsEdit

Darkrai is very picky with pairings so she won't bore you here anymore.

Other "Fandoms", So To SpeakEdit

  • My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic
  • The Walking Dead
  • Scrubs
  • Harvest Moon
  • Homestuck
  • Pokemon
  • Supernatural