Cure as drawn by herself

Lives in

Québec, Canada

Other names

Pretty much just known as Cure~

Yen does call her my Lady~

And she and Mik refer to each other as roomie~

Age 20

March 17 1994

Favourite Character


As well as Romano, Canada and many others~!

Other accounts

Deviantart Tumblr Youtube

"The cute shy little cat who loves to spam pictures."

-Commsona description


Cure had been in the Hetalia fandom for a little over a year when she first joined the Fandomly.

She wasn't very present in the beginning, lurking through 2011's April Fool's and Hetaween. She truly unlurked in the 2011 Christmas event about half-way through.

Slowly but surely, she made her place in the Hetalia fandom family.


Cure is quite shy, which explains her long time status as a lurker. She consider herself to be quite compassionate and kind.

She always tries to greet everyone who comes and leaves.

She is usually calm but she can sometimes get really excited and act a bit childish. At times, she'll ramble to herself, songspam or just enter CAPSLOCK MODE. She does her best to stay cheerful and keep everyone on the comm happy. She'll often post picspams to cheer people.

Cure is also a wannabe artist. She doesn't consider herself to be very good and is quite insecure about sharing her sketches. She is better at reproducing than creating.

Also, Cure is one of the cutest members of the comm according to Talon. ((Cure doesn't think it's true))


Cure drawn by the marvelous Belu~!!


Cure and Taka, as drawn by the amazing Cass~!

Relations Edit

Adoptive Mother/owner - Sne stjerne

Sister/Roomate - Mik

Niece - Snake


Cure as drawn by the talented Acro for the Fandomly Easter Egg Hunt~

Role in the FandomlyEdit

Cure's most important role in the fandomly is as the creator of the Hetalia Fandomly Community and one of its moderators.

She's also in charge of the Birthday Banner Organisation and is one of the Birthday Banner makers.

She also participated in HetaCast, episode 2 and is the HetaCast Judges Manager.

She has been in 2 Steve Wars.

Liechtenstein is her Fandomly=Hetalia counterpart.

She also made the Christmas Event Video, with music suggested by Fishie.

It can be found here.

Role in the Steve WarsEdit

Her most important presence was in the Second Steve War, where she was Steve's first targeted victim.

She didn't fight, but she made the Fandomly unite to protect her.

Role in the Fandomly AUsEdit

Role in the Fandomly Avatar: The Last Airbender - Legend of Korra AU Edit

Cure is a rookie Waterbender from the Northern Watertribe. Her family moved to Republic City, seeking a new beginning. Cure hopes to find someone who can teach her Waterbending as she is the only bender of her family.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Cardverse AU Edit

Cure is the present King of Clubs.

She is a kind-hearted young woman, whose main goal is to achieve peace in her Kingdom as well as the others. Calm and sweet, she takes time before making decision. Military speaking, she uses defensive strategies over offensive ones. She has a great knowledge of the kingdom’s geography and history. Despite her status as a king, she lacks confidence and always need to have someone’s support to actually act on something. She is humble and makes a great listener and confident. She cares deeply for her people and constantly worries about them.


Role in the Fandomly Chessverse AU Edit

Cure is the White Queen.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Clans AU Edit

Cure is part of the Pink Clan.

More info will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Digimon AU Edit

Cure is one of the Fandomly members who were sent in the Digi-world. Her Digimon partner is Lunamon and she bears the Crest of Light.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Gakuen AU Edit

More information will be provided soon...

Role in the Fandomly Ghost AU Edit

Cure is a rookie Ghost Hunter who uses Range weapons.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Hogwarts AU Edit

Cure is in her fourth year at Hogwarts and is part of the Hufflepuff House.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Homestuck AU Edit

Cure's chumhandle is cheerfulLily - CL, her Strife Specibus is Yoyokind. She is a Prosprit Dreamer. Her god tier title is Sylph of Void.

More information will be provided soon...

(Please note this is not official as the status of the Homestuck AU as yet to be change)


Role in the Fandomly Magician's Guild AU Edit

Cure is studying in the Field of Creatures as her major and Field of Nature as her minor.

More info will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Medieval AU Edit

Cure is an elvish princess in the Fantastical part of this AU. In the Realistic part, she is simply a princess.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly My Little Pony AU Edit

Name: Lilybloom

Talent: Good with plants

Job:Owner of a Flower shop

Cutie mark: A flower and two smaller hearts

Lilybloom is an Earth Pony who always lead a simple life. She is content with doing what she loves and being with her friends. She is friendly and generous but a bit shy too. She is a great listener and tries her best to cheer up everyone when they're feeling down. She enjoys being outside and relaxing. Because of her love for nature and all lives, she is very pacifist and tends to helps resolve any conflicts that arise in a fair and peaceful way. She gets along well with pretty much everyone.




Role in the Fandomly Mythology AU Edit

Cure is a young Pegasus.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Pirates AU Edit

Cure is the Quatermaster on The Bastet/The Cute Kitten ship.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Pokemon AU Edit

Cure is the second member of the Elite Four and specialises in Grass type pokemon.

Her team consists of:

  • a super size female Pumpkaboo, level 54 with the moves Shadow Ball, Seed Bomb, Rock Slide and Psychic. Pumpkaboo is Cure's most recently caught Pokemon, despite that, they share a strong bond. She caught Pumpkaboo during her travel through the Kalos region.
  • a male Breloom, level 55 with the moves Sky Uppercut, Dynamic Punch, Seed Bomb and Focus Blast. Breloom is the first Pokémon Cure ever captured. She caught him in Petalburg Woods when he was only a Shroomish. She and Breloom have been through many battles together and she relies on him a lot during her battles.
  • a male Leafeon, level 56 with the moves Giga Drain, Synthesis, Magical Leaf and Razor Leaf. Leafeon was given to her as an egg by her family after her first participation in the Grand Festival in Hoenn. She had not plan on making her Eevee evolve into a Leafeon, but it happened unexpectedly while she was in the Eterna Forest in Sinnoh.
  • a female Liligant, level 57 with the moves Petal Dance, Leaf Storm, Solar Beam and Sunny Day. Liligant's elegance and beauty has made her one of Cure's most important Pokémon during Contests. But do not let Liligant's appearance deceive you, she packs powerful moves and is one though Pokémon to defeat.
  • a female Roserade, level 57 with the moves Sludge Bomb, Solar Beam, Poison Jab and Magical Leaf. Cure caught Roserade, who was at that time a Budew, during her travel in the Sinnoh region.
  • and finally a male Sceptile, level 58 with the moves Leaf Blade, Brick Break, Thunder Punch and Giga Impact. Sceptile is Cure's first Pokémon as well as her strongest. She received him from Professor Birch when he was still a Treecko. Sceptile is the only Pokémon Cure has that has been with her during her entire journey. Sceptile once participated in a Contest, it was the first as well as the last he ever entered a Contest. Sceptile is very loyal and will give everything he has at every battle.

Cure is also a Coordinator.and has participated in two Grand Festival, one in Hoenn and one Sinnoh. She has not won either but she was able to make it quite far in both. Cure grew up in Rustboro City, where she attended the Trainer school with her childhood friend and neighbor Naru.. She and Naru started their journey along with Mik, whom they had met at Professor Birch's laboratory. She owns many different Pokemon, but only uses the six mentioned before in her official battles. She has a pet Eevee and Chespin.


Elite Four Cure's trainer card


Role in the Fandomly Pokemon Mystery Dungeon AU Edit

Cure is an Eevee and is a member of the Fandomly Guild. She has formed an Exploration team, called Triple Cheer, with Panda and Mik. More info will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Puella Magi Madoka Magica AU  Edit

More information will be provided soon...

Role in the Fandomly RGB AU Edit

Cure is the Princess of the Blue Kingdom

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Secret Organization AU Edit

Cure works as a Criminologist.

More info will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Superhero AU Edit

Cure is a member of the As Yet Unamed Hero League.She posseses healing ablities which are quite useful for her job as the Head Doctor of the Fandopolis Hospital. Since her powers are not very useful on the field, she stays at the Base, whenever she isn't at the Hospital working, to help with the organization and to heal those hurt in the battles.

Unlike most Heroes and Villans, Cure does not keep a secret identity. Since she is only helping from behind, she has never feared any attack from the Villains of Fandopolis.

More information will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Touhou AU Edit

Cure is a human magician. More info will be provided soon...


Role in the Fandomly Twisted Fairy Tale AU Edit

Cure is Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. More information will be provided soon...

Snow White-me

Cure as Snow White


Pairings she supportsEdit

  • Hetalia
    • SPAMANO~!!!
    • And also
      • PruCan
      • FrUK
      • LietBel
      • AusHun
      • SpaBel
      • Niwan
      • AmeCan
      • Giripan
      • SuFin
      • and it goes on and on...
  • Fandomly
    • Seme/Talon
    • Seme/Mik/Poof
    • Gamer/Ven
    • Poofing/Panda
    • Lurker/Acro
    • Shipping/Shiny/Turtle
    • Aki/Yen
    • North/South
    • Fishie/Vice Cap
    • Tins/Rai
    • And many others...

Other fandomsEdit

  • Supernatural
    • Destiel is her OTP.
  • Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
    • She ships MakoHaru, NagiRei and Rintori.
    • Her favourite character is Makoto, but she dearly loves all the others as well.
  • PreCure/Pretty Cure
    • Her favourite seasons are HeartCatch Precure, Suite Precure and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (Gogo included).
  • Criminal Minds
    • Her favourite character is Dr. Spencer Reid.
  • Homestuck
    • Her favourite kids are Jade and John, while her favourite trolls are Nepeta and Feferi. She also quite likes Karkat, Meenah and Vriska.
    • She has many ships in this fandom, the main ones are: JohnRose, KarkatTerezi, JohnDave, JadeDave, TavrosVriska, KarkatNepeta and MeenahAranea.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
    • She ships Kataang, Sokka/Suki and Sokka/Toph.
  • The Legend of Korra
    • She ships Borra.
  • Pokémon
    • She ships for the anime, Pearlshipping, for the games, SoulSilvershipping, FerrisWheelshipping, DualRivalshipping and Sequelshipping, for the manga Pokémon Adventures, Specialshipping.
  • BBC Sherlock
    • She ships Johnlock.
  • Rise of the Guardians
    • She ships Rainbow Snowcone/Frostbite/Jack FrostxTooth Fairy


  • Cure's first language is French, she thinks her English is not too bad and she wish to learn a lot of other languages, such as Spanish, Japanese, Italian, German, Greek...
  • Cure's favourite colours are blue and white. She also quite like pink and green and light colours in general.
  • Though Cure's hair is naturally curly/wavy, she usually irons it everyday so it looks straight.
  • Cure has been trying to grow out her hair for a few years now, it's not really working...
  • Cure's eyes in her drawings are sometimes couloured green and at other times, brown. Cure's eyes in real life are actually brown or hazel, but since she always wished to have green eyes she draws herself with that eye colour.
  • Cure's most uses various emoticons when commenting such has: ^u^, >.>;, 8'D, =w=, etc.
  • Cure's first ever ship was Pearlshipping (or Ash/Dawn) from the Diamond and Pearl seasons of Pokémon. While Cure's first ship in Hetalia was AusHun.
  • Cure has traveled to the United States (Washington D.C., California, Las Vegas, Boston, New York), Dominican Republic, Greece and Spain. She wants to visit many other countries and wishes to meet Fandomly members from all over the world.
  • Cure created her livejournal account because of the Pretty Cure fandom, hence her name cure_lover_17.
  • Cure's favourite numbers are 2, 3, 4,7, 8, 17, 24, 48, 84.