Due to insanity of the fandomly and that we are brought together by a series that personifies countries, we have a habit of personifying everything else on the comm too. There are two main forms of how things are personified, which are Curses and Tans.


What is the difference between a Curse and a Tan?

A Curse is a personification whose appearance will cause what they are a perosnification of to happen. They don't have much control of this power yet they will be blamed for causing it, so even though it doesn't seem to be a curse to the members, it is a curse for the personification.

For example, speaking to Poofing Curse will cause you to disappear to do something you consider fun. He may not have been intending to distract you from the comm but he most likely will be getting the blame for it happening regardless.

Curses also tend to have other unnatural abilities related to what they personify, but there are exceptions.

A Tan is a personification who will only appear if what they are a personification of is already happening. They can't cause it to happen anymore than a typical person.

For example, Sleep-tan doesn't cause people to fall asleep. He only appears when others are about to sleep. Also, most of his interests revolve around sleep as well. While he does want others to get a healthy amount of sleep each night, he has no unnatural power to make this happen.

Tans in general don't have unnatural abilities - other than to always be able to sense when someone is about to do the thing they are a personification of - related to their namesake. Though they do have exceptional knowledge and skill in that area.

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